Sep 28, 2013

Smoulder Lava Cakes: Bite-sized Pleasures

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If you have got a sweet tooth that just refuses to budge but yet are afraid to pile on the calories, then you may want to head on down to Smoulder for its bite-sized lava cakes. These are warm and moist cakes with hot molten centres - but with its petite size, it makes consumption a tad less sinful. Especially since no sugar is added to these pleasures as whatever sweetness comes from the cocoa and fresh fruit Smoulder use.

Uhm... pardon the untidy layout of the lava cakes above, no thanks to the overzealous nature of both Ash and Ayd who were all too anxious to lay their hands on them as soon as I took out the boxes.

Smoulder has currently 11 flavours on its menu and they are Signature Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Black Forest, Intense Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Mocha, White Chocolate Matcha, White Chocolate Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Rum & Raisin, White Chocolate Pistachio, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate Oreo.Thankfully enough, the kind people at Smoulder took the hassle of me agonising over which flavours to pick by sending all of them over!

And it was impeccable timing too, since we had a Mid-Autumn Festival gathering with the wifey's extended family 2 weeks back when these lava cakes landed on our laps.

All of the lava cakes are baked only with the finest Belgian chocolates and have zero preservatives, meaning you got to eat them when they are fresh and piping hot... with its molten chocolate lava oozing out tantalizingly!

The signature dark chocolate and intense dark chocolate lava cakes contain 50% and 70% cocoa respectively and these were the ones I zoomed in first. 2 words - completely irresistible. The texture of the lava cake was extremely smooth and it was not not too sweet, as are all of their other lava cakes. The dark chocolate one carried off the bittersweet taste rather well too.

My other personal favourite was the White Chocolate Pistachio and this tasted something different to the previous two. There were some crushed pistachio nuts on the surface of the cake; a nice touch as this crunch added an extra zing to the chocolate and pistachio flavour.

As for the monkies, they hoarded the White Chocolate Raspberry lava cakes before anyone else. And unsurprisingly, this emerged as their all-time fave.

The blurry capture of the above photo can be largely attributed to the speed at which the lava cake was devoured.

Combing smooth white chocolate with fresh raspberry bits, this berries-and-cream duo certainly satisfied both of them pretty well... come to think of it, they loved it so much that no other adult had the good fortune to bite into this particular flavour!

Coming in second and third in the boys' lava cakes ranking are the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate Oreo respectively. I was told by the co-owner of Smoulder that these two are popular with kids as well. In fact, because of its convenient size, these lava cakes make an excellent dessert choice at children's parties I reckon. One portion is just nice for kids; and for adults, it gives them the stomach space to try more flavours.

Or if you have a newborn baby and are on the lookout for unconventional 'manyue' favours for relatives and friends, Smoulder has the answer with its 3-cake favour box and it comes personalised with the newborn's photo and ribbon packaging. Each box costs $8.20.

Photo Credit. Smoulder Softcore Bakers
As a whole, everyone at the gathering certainly enjoyed the lava cakes which were scrumptious, mouth-watering and most importantly, not overly sweet. But they taste best when eaten warm. So if the cakes are at room temp, simply pop them in the microwave oven for 5-7 seconds on Medium heat for that optimal flavour.

The next time you are looking for a chocolate fix, be sure to check out Smoulder - the softcore bakers with the hardcore flavourful lava cakes.

Useful Information

Outlets: Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-68 & Takashimaya Food Hall #B208-4
Prices: $2.80 per piece.  $8.20 for a 3-piece box.  $24 for a 9-piece box.
For bulk orders, email or call 6225 6422.
For more information, kindly visit

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