Oct 26, 2013

Spook it up at POLW Sentosa!

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(Daddy boos!)

You know it is that time of the year once again when pumpkins, witches, and goblins start making their scheduled appearances. But Halloween need not be all scary and ghoulish for the kids. In fact, I highly suspect that the liberty accorded to collect unlimited amounts of sweets will be too good a chance to pass up for them!

And if you are looking for somewhere fun to bring your kids this Halloween, complete with a splashing good time, look no further than Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) on Sentosa.

After last year's Angry Birds Halloween, POLW is all about enchantment, fairy tales and all things whimsical this time around with its Spooky Jr Magic Ball!

We were there last night and the monkies couldn't wait for the party to begin! All children will be given an Activity Card where they will be tasked to go around POLW to complete them at the various Activity Stations.

See the puncture mark on the card above? Apparently, my monkies were so eager to kick-start their Halloween journey that I was not fast enough to take an 'unblemished' version of the card.

And that Activity Station in question turned out to be the Sweet Potion Brewing station.

Children will be able to concoct their own potion using a variety of liquids like 'blood', 'worms' and even mini 'eyeballs'. It's all in good fun I assure you.

Potion brewing is serious business though... if you don't believe me, just ask her.

I reckoned the monkies enjoyed mixing their own bloody drinks, though it tasted like fruit punch to me. Heh.

Of course, there is the good'ol bubbly splashing fun if the kids prefer.

Or its larger counterpart.

For the boys though, it was time for them to morph into something else.

Can you guess what they are?

MINIONS!!! It was actually a rather last-minute effort on my part. I went Daiso to get the materials and put them together in less than an hour. So the DIY were quite the crude effort but I have to say they certainly stood out among the usual superheroes, pirates and princesses outfits!

And if you are intending to head down to POLW for its Halloween Party, you should consider dressing up for the occasion as there are over $2800 worth of prizes to be given away for the Best Dressed Children and Families!

Credit to the boys, as they gamely went around the Activity Stations in their Minions costumes to complete the respective activities... since I know it can get rather hot under that costume!

Ale wasn't a minion though. She settled for the predictable Princess look, and even had the corresponding hand painting artwork to go along.

All the stuff for kids to do at POLW Spooky Jr!
And what's a party without the all-time Fairground fave food???

Fluffy cotton candy!

Kids will also be kept busy with the story-telling sessions at the stage area. The sessions are not your usual sit-down-on-floor kind, but they were highly interactive - at one point, all the kids were tasked to look for Cinderella's glass shoe which was hidden somewhere in the POLW's premises. So cue mad scrambling and looking but it was all in the name of good fun.

The night ended with the 'Best Dressed' segment and the monkies were shortlisted as finalists for the Best Dressed Family category!

And they got 3rd place!!! Woot! Not too shabby, considering the chop-chop work I did for their costumes.

I reckon there isn't any need to ask the monkies if they enjoyed their spooky night out at POLW then.

If you are planning on bringing your kids somewhere to soak in the Halloween atmosphere tonight, do check out POLW's Spooky Jr Magic Ball which is happening one FINAL time TONIGHT (26 Oct 2013)! Purchase your tickets at the Sentosa Station @ Vivocity or POLW ticketing counter Curio Exchange. More details in the poster below.

Have an enchanting and spooky Halloween!

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