Nov 30, 2013

Chicken Goodness at Charly T’s

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I have to be honest - when I first heard of Charly T's restaurant, I have absolutely no idea what kind of food it offers.

So when I found out they apparently serve up quite a mean dish of rotisserie chicken, I was game to give it a go. After all, which kid - and by kid, I mean my monkies not me - doesn't love chicken... whether it is steamed, fried or roasted right?

Located at family-friendly I12 Katong Mall, Charly T's is an urban, fast-casual restaurant that serves delicious comfort food from around the world, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Admittedly though, it is best known for its rotisserie chicken but let's get to that in a moment, shall we?

All because the monkies' tummies were screaming for food the moment we stepped into the restaurant. And luckily for them (and me), they had the Kids Meal choices to pick from.

All Kids Meals are priced at $9.50+ and come with a complimentary soft drink or homemade iced tea. Yes, only GST and NO Service Charge! Ayd got the Mini Burger with Fries while Ash went for the Fish & Chips.

And to add further variety to the mix, Ale gunned for the Pasta Bolognese.

I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it, no?

With the monkies' tummies amicably placated, it was the turn of the wifey's and my stomach juices to get to work. Before the rotisserie chicken made their appearance, we were served two a la carte items from Charly T's menu with the first being the Chicken Cordon Bleu ($18.50+).

I am no big fan of fried stuff so I only took a nibble. I found it to be decent but Ash, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. I believed the cheesiness of the breaded chicken cutlet played a big part.

The other item was the Kalua Pork ($20+), which looked like sio-bak (roasted pork) skewered on a stick at first glance.

But do not be fooled by its appearance - these 3 pieces of pork has got to be one of the softest and most tender meat in recent memory. Sinful, yes. But it was terribly g-o-o-d.

And if that got our taste buds tinkling, the main stars of the show finally flew in.

There are 4 types of rotisserie chicken to choose from: Original Recipe, Kampong Chicken, Black Pepper and Kansas City BBQ. The wifey chose the Kampong Chicken (Quarter chicken $15.50+) while I decided to play it safe by ordering the Original Recipe (Quarter chicken $14.50+). All chicken orders come with a choice of 2 sides out of the 4 available: Steamed Fresh Vegetables, Butter Garlic Rice, German Potato Salad and Macaroni & Cheese.

The thing about Charly T’s chickens is that they are never frozen in order to maintain their freshness. The chickens are then marinated for over 13 hours before they are slowly roasted. And all these clearly showed. The chicken meat was tender, full of flavour and not too oily. And out of the two types of chicken the wifey and I tried, the unanimous winner has got to be the Kampong Chicken.

I would also like to give a special mention to one of the side dishes - Macaroni & Cheese. If you are a fan of the usual creamy and cheesy-tasting Mac 'n' Cheese, then you might want to look away now. Charly T's version is a much healthier version that uses a recipe from award-winning Chef Rozanne Gold's "Eat Fresh Food" cookbook and contains less cheese while including fresh cauliflower.

Food alone can't keep the kids busy for parents to enjoy a peaceful meal, you say? You are not alone. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a corner in the restaurant stocked with magazines and books to keep the kids busy. Well, that is what happens on normal days. But on one Sunday each month, Charly T's Kids Corner comes alive by engaging children with hands-on activities. We were there on one such Sunday and the monkies got the chance to make their very own Terrarium!

The workshop is complimentary for kids of dine-in adults and slots are on a first come, first served basis. Needless to say, all 3 monkies were mightily pleased with their own creations!

The next workshop at Charly T's is on 15 December 2013 and from 1pm to 2pm, children can make their own musical instrument, guided by a guest instructor. For more information on class dates, please visit HERE.

And thanks to the workshop, it gave the wifey and me the perfect excuse to try out some of Charly T's desserts as well!

We had the Kaiserschmarrn ($16+), which is a traditional Austrian dessert. It is a caramelized pancake made with raisins, eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. The pancake is split into pieces while frying, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served a generous scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.

Not too bad, though I have to say the vanilla ice cream was very good. Apparently, Ale has this incredible sensor which bleeps whenever we have dessert so it wasn't too long before she clamoured to have some dessert of her own.

The Cake Pop ($3+) - a form of cake styled as a lollipop - was what she eventually settled for... and devoured in one sitting.

For me, the rotisserie chicken was definitely the surprise find of our visit which was made even more awesome by the fact that the wifey and I were able to spend some time alone while the monkies did their own stuff at the Kids Corner. A definite plus, and a luxury that I can get used to.

Useful Information

Charly T's
112 East Coast Road #03-015, I12 Katong, Singapore 428802
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm | Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tel: 66364701

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