Dec 2, 2013

Christmas Shopping with ZanSociety

(Daddy shops)

More so than ever, I do a fair bit of my shopping online which is exactly like actual shopping except that I don't have to lug the monkies around with me and put up with their incessant can-we-go-now whining. PLUS Christmas is coming (in case you didn't know), so the hunt for the perfect present is now fully on. And I really need all the help that I can get.

When it comes to gifting presents, I have to admit I am quite the fusspot. No one-size-fits-all kind of gifts for my family, friends or their kids. But it is sometimes tough to brainstorm and search for that one creative present. Or rather, it USED TO be difficult... until I discovered ZanSociety.

ZanSociety is a Singapore-based online store which stocks up stylish and sometimes even outrageous home and lifestyle products. Their mantra is based on a simple formula:

Launched in October this year, ZanSociety aims to be the go-to website for people who are looking for that small piece of accessory or home accent to make the creative difference in their homes and lives. And after browsing through its website, I believe it might just be right.

The range is so extensive - from Living room, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Workspace to even stuff for the kids' Playroom -  and all the items are conveniently categorized for easy browsing. What I love about the online store is how clean the interface is, so all I need to do is add items to my cart, checkout, pay and I am all done.

There are also no short of gift ideas should you be looking for presents for your colleagues. I especially love the one below... though there a few more erm, more explicit ones on the website. But since this is a parenting blog - my monkies and some of their friends read it religiously too (!!!) - you will just have to head down to ZanSociety's website for a closer look.

All thanks to the many products that ZanSociety carry, I agonized over my selections and after much deliberation, I made my first purchase at ZanSociety. I was pleased with how convenient and fuss-free the entire process was. Payment can be made via Internet/Bank Transfer (OCBC), PayPal or Credit Cards.

And after that, all I had to do was to wait for the products to be delivered to my doorstep. Delivery is free with a minimum spend of $100. Below that, it is a low $5 charge. And just like that, everything was delivered to me within a few days.

I got the Blokkey Board, Photo FlipFrame and Vintage Toy Wall Stickers, and I love every single one of them! The Blokkey Board, in particular, is a convenient, compact mounted board designed to keep track of all my small necessities! There are 4 magnets embedded in the bottom half of the board to hold my keys - no more misplacing my keys... YAY! - and a bungee cord to hold wallets, mobile phones and other items.

And since I love taking photos of my monkies, I just had to get the Photo FlipFrame.

These set of 5 photo frames are frames with a twist. They are dual-sided, so each frame can have 2 photos and mounted onto the wall for that eye-popping effect!

And the installation was such a breeze that even Ale could do it.

Someone was mightily pleased with her work, I reckon.

And how could I leave the boys out? My final chosen product was the Vintage Toy Wall Stickers.

Okay, so I am a sucker for all old-fashioned toys, especially toys that I had grown up with. And this mural-sized masterpiece is just perfect in livening up a kid's room. The package came with 36 square cards, each with a nostalgic toy on both sides and all we had to do was to clip them together to form a giant square on the wall.

The boys were only too eager to aid me in my project and once completed, I totally fell in love with it.

And since each card comes with a picture on either side, the boys have the option of varying the entire display of pictures any time they feel like it!

I guess it is safe to say they love their personalised bit of the wall as well.

And since the festive season calls for love and sharing, everyone gets $15 off your first purchase for orders above $75!

Head on down to ZanSociety for more details, and shop away! Oh, and don't forget to 'LIKE' and share ZanSociety's Facebook page to keep updated on the many new products to be launched too!

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