Jan 2, 2014

Festive Celebrations with Buddies

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Obviously, our short Melaka holiday with the monkies' buddies was never going to be enough. Can't get enough of each other's company, that is. So our annual Christmas gathering was always the next most looked forward event of the year.

Uhm, of course the presents were a contributing factor too.

Times like these make me wish I was a child all over again.

Presents galore, and plenty of presents to keep all children happy. Ayd was the most emotive of the lot - he literally shed tears of joy when he tore off the wrapping paper of one present and saw that it was something that he had wanted all along.

Moments like these definitely warm the heart, no?

While moments like the aftermath of a massive Christmas wrapper-ripping session belong to the other side of the spectrum.

Of course, it is a small price to pay in return for a handsome Christmas loot... as Ale will testify.

Fast forward one week later, and we were all back at the monkies' buddies' place in celebration of the New Year. And as with every year, the New Year Eve's Countdown get-together takes on a special meaning at this time of the year.

Ash's Birthday!

His birthday inevitably coincides with the opening of the new school term every year, so what better way to end the school holidays on a high than with an advance birthday celebration for Ash?

Not that the birthday boy minded more presents and ang pows I think.

Hope you had a smashing end to 2013 too, and here's wishing everyone an even more fantastic start to 2014!

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Adeline said...

Ayd is such a sweetheart. What was the present that brought about his tears of joy, by the way?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Adeline,

Yes, he is the more 'feeling' one of all 3. The present was a LEGO Galaxy Squad set.

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