Jan 8, 2014

Have a Zesty CNY with Smoulder's Lava Cakes!

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(Daddy bites)

I have a good reason to call Smoulder the softcore bakers with the hardcore flavourful lava cakes. You see, ever since the last time the monkies had the chance to chomp on some delightful bite-sized lava cakes from Smoulder, they had been craving on for them. 

So it was a good thing that when Ash's birthday rolled along last week, the kind people from Smoulder sent over a box of fresh lava cakes just for him... and in his favourite flavours of White Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Banana no less!

The lava cakes are warm and moist cakes with hot molten centres and since they come in petite sizes, they make excellent dessert choices for both children and adults alike. And with slightly under a month before the Chinese New Year (CNY) descends upon us, why not try something new in the Year of the Horse besides the conventional CNY goodies such as pineapple tarts and love letters?

Just for this Chinese New Year, Smoulder has launched the special edition Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Lava Cakes, with a potent combination of dark premium Belgian chocolate artfully blended with oozing Mandarin Orange molten lava filling. No sugar is added to the cakes as whatever sweetness comes from the cocoa and fresh fruit Smoulder use, so you can be sure they are definitely a tad less sinful to consume... something we all need whenever the period of CNY feasting comes along.

Even before putting one into my mouth, I can already take a whiff of the zesty orange and dark chocolate aroma. For the monkies though, the fact that the lava cakes resembled tiny tangerines probably fueled their desire to quickly pop one into their mouths.

As it turned out, three Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Lava Cakes were hardly the ideal number for a family of five to share. The wifey and I loved how the tangy taste of the orange lava core blended with the bitter-sweet nature of the dark chocolate but in the end, we still had to make do by sharing one. No thanks to Ayd, who of all the three monkies, loved them most.

Prices for the Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Lava Cakes are as follow: $2.80 per piece, $8.20 per 3-piece box and $24 per 9-piece box. 

And just for our blog's readers, here is a special promotion!

Get 10% off a 9-piece box when you quote 
"Cheekie Smoulder" at Smoulder's outlets! 
Discount promotion is valid till 13 Feb 2014.

Useful Information

Outlets: Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-68 & Takashimaya Food Hall #B208-4
Prices: $2.80 per piece | $8.20 for a 3-piece box | $24 for a 9-piece box.
For bulk orders, email enquiries@smoulder.it or call 6225 6422.
For more information, kindly visit www.smoulder.it or www.facebook.com/smoulder.bakes

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