Feb 10, 2014

Skies Come Alive at RSAF45 @ Singapore Airshow 2014

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Singapore Airshow 2014, Asia's Largest Aerospace and Defence event, returns this week and will be opened to the General Public this weekend on 15 and 16 February 2014! Besides having to chance to gawk, feel and sit in the various static aircraft on display as well as catch the spectacular aerobatic flying displays by various teams, one of the key highlight of the Airshow will be the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) 45th Anniversary Celebrations, the RSAF@SA event.

Our entire family was invited down for the RSAF's Family Day over the weekend, which gave the monkies a sneak peek at what the Singapore Airshow 2014 and RSAF45@SA have to offer.

But first, we had the awesome opportunity to take flight on a CH-47 Chinook helicopter! Perfect way to kick-start a very early Saturday morning if you ask me.

Unfortunately, I was only able to bring one monkie on the flight with me. And look who got picked?

Pardon the forced smile from Ayd, as it was really pretty loud under the rotating blades of the Chinook!

We took off from Changi and within minutes, we were able to catch sight of some of Singapore's famous landmarks.

It was definitely not your usual airline flight, but that did not stop Ayd from enquiring if we were going to fly to another country! LOL. At least it is not everyday that one gets to fly in a military aircraft, which surely ranks as one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of things.

It wasn't too long before we were reunited with the rest of the family at Changi Exhibition Centre, where the boys could not wait to view the Static Display area.

17 types of RSAF Aircraft and Weapon Systems will be on display to showcase the RSAF's full spectrum of capabilities.

Key highlights of the static display include the F-15SG, G550-AEW,SPYDER Air Defence System as well as the Heron 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Hermes 450 UAV. Other aircraft types on display include the F-16D+ and the F-5S/T fighter aircraft, C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, AH-64D Apache attack helicopter; CH-47D Chinook and Super Puma helicopters. Other ground-based air defence systems on display include the Mechanised IGLA, I-Hawk, RBS-70 and Mistral.

I am no military vehicles buff, and can hardly discern from some of the aircraft on display but that didn't stop me from admiring these magnificent objects. Especially since visitors will get the chance to tour the cabins of these aircraft, get inside the holds of them, and even get comfortable in the cockpit of the jets. The latter will prove to be a sure-fire hit with the children, I believe.

Besides RSAF's aircraft, the Singapore Airshow will also showcase other aircraft from other countries as well as commercial planes like the Dreamliner, the Strike Eagle, the Lineage 1000 and the Piaggio Avanti II. Visit HERE for a full list of aircraft on show.

But ultimately, the star attraction of the Singapore Airshow has got to be this.

No, not the sea. But something whizzing above it.

That's right - one of the greatly anticipated highlights of the Airshow is the breathtaking Aerobatic Flying Displays. And this year, the RSAF Black Knights will be making a return to the Airshow after a 6-year hiatus with their F-16 fighter aircraft and sporting a new design, no less!

Compared to other professional aerobatics team, the RSAF Black Knight pilots are not full-time performers and continue to hold operational appointments. But their breathtaking aerobatic displays, complete with tight formations and skillful manoeuvres most definitely did not disappoint at all.

I particularly loved the Black Knights' new aircraft design - a crescent moon and five stars against its red and white body. Nice!

And it was evident that everyone was enjoying themselves too. Whether it was up...



Or right...

The crowd lapped up every single moment!

Even more thrilling were the tight-formation flying and precise aerial manoeuvres, which elicited gasps and wow from all those around.

How's this for a mirror image stunt?

Definitely a MUST-WATCH if you are planning to head down to the Singapore Airshow this weekend. There are 2 showtimes: 10:25am – 11:25am and 3:00pm – 3:30pm.

And what did the children think of the aerial display?

Yes, it was mightily loud (a pair of earplugs might be handy) but they enjoyed it tremendously nonetheless!

There will also be other aerobatic flying teams from various countries participating in the Aerobatic Flying Displays, like South Korea's ROKAF Black Eagles, USA's MV-22B Osprey and Russia's YAK-130. Check them out in greater details HERE.

If you are looking to take refuge from the searing heat, your best bet will be the air-conditioned RSAF Pavilion which comprises three distinct zones: Zone 1 - Our Air Force Heritage and Transformation, Zone 2 - Experiencing our Air Force Capabilities and Zone 3 - Our People, Our Tribe.

And here's a tip: Zone 2 is the place to be should you want to fully occupy the children's time. There are numerous interactive activities such as simulators, aviation-related games and Total Defence exhibits to keep them busy.

Oh, and who can forget the perennial fave - a dress-up booth for all aspiring young pilots!

The boys especially thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Airshow, though I have to admit it was scorching hot as it approached midday. So do bring umbrellas, hats and slap on a copious amount of sunblock if you are intending to bring your family down this weekend!

Useful Information

Singapore Airshow 2014
Public Days: 15 & 16 Feb 2014 (Sat and Sun)
Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm
Admission: Adult $22 | Child (3-12 years old) $9 | Group Package (4 entry tickets & 1 carpark label) $144
*Ticket prices include a complimentary two-way Airshow Shuttle transfer to and from Singapore Expo and Changi Exhibition Centre.
*Admission is free for children below three years of age.
*Prices are exclusive of SISTIC booking fees.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Tickets WILL NOT be available for purchase at Singapore Expo or Changi Exhibition Center. Tickets will have to be pre-bought via SISTIC HERE.
Transport Options: Visit HERE.
Website: www.singaporeairshow.com/public.aspx and www.facebook.com/TheRSAF

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Cecilia Adeline said...

Wow, Kelvin! Love all the photos! I was there too for SAS 2014 and hope to return for the SAS in 2016! Btw, what lens/camera did you used to shoot the acrobatic show? The zoom and pic quality is AH-MEH-ZINGGGGG!

Cecilia Adeline (@ceciliadeline)

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