Feb 11, 2014

Crazy, Bouncy Fun at Amped Trampoline Park

(Daddy jumps)

Ever faced with the prospect of getting cooped up with the kiddos at home, and having them bounce off the walls with pent-up energy to spare? Yup, been there done that. Either that, or my monkies derive great pleasure in driving me up those exact same walls sometimes too.

Well, it turns out I have now the perfect place to channel those energy to!

Amped Trampoline Park, the first of its kind in Singapore, is THE place to go to for the children to jump, bounce and hurl themselves against the wall. Well, not literally for that last point but close enough.

You see, Amped Trampoline Park is home to 50 trampolines which cover the floors and line the walls in the old Tanjong Katong Technical School's school gym.

The trampolines are connected with blue padding, which shield the trampolines' frames and springs from the 'bouncers'. And the moment the monkies laid their sight on this set-up, there was always only going to be one conclusion.

Jump, Bounce. Jump, Bounce. Jump, Bounce. And repeat.

Even Ale and *cough*thewifey*cough* could not resist the lure of bouncing oneself to dizzying heights.

Okay, so I exaggerate. But what I cannot exaggerate is that I never knew that jumping on the trampoline could be so much fun!

And you know what is even better? According to a study completed by NASA, a 10 minute jump on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run! And obviously much more crazily fun too!

And it is true. After about 15 minutes of intensive bouncing, the monkies were absolutely tired out.

But when I told them that each session only lasts for an hour, they were back to their hyper self once more!

The Trampoline Park also has a huge foam pit that bouncers can take turns to hurl themselves into.

Forget the ball pits found in Indoor Playgrounds. This foam pit is waaaaaaay more fantastic to jump into. Just ask Ale.

If parents are hopelessly bushed after a few minutes of bouncing, they can always seek refuge in the large seating area while still being able to maintain a close view of their kids on the trampolines.

And if your kids are anything like my monkies, they never seem to tire out!

Occasionally, some of the staff members will conduct impromptu lessons on the trampoline as well.

Ash and Ayd were taught the techniques of doing a somersault while in the air.

Not too bad for a first try, I have to say.

At the end of the one hour session, I think it is safe to say that everyone was thoroughly exhausted. In fact, it really felt that I had a real workout. And the monkies? Their yucky, perspiration-laden foreheads said it all.

All ages are welcomed at the Trampoline Park. Children aged three and below require a parent to physically accompany them onto the trampolines while those aged between 4 and 11 need a parent to be on the premise, i.e. parents can remain in the seating area.

Every Monday between 3pm and 7pm, the Trampoline Park is only open to those aged 11 years old and below. Else, it is open to all ages on other days. So if you have a younger kid, it may be more suitable to go on a Monday as the size of bouncing bodies are less dangerous then. Not to mention it is priced the cheapest at $9 per hour too! Each entry comes with a free bottle of cold water by the way.

To prevent overcrowding on the trampolines, each hourly session is limited to a fixed number of participants. So booking in advance is a must if you do not want to deal with disappointed and grumpy kids (You can book your slot online HERE). Oh, and bring along socks too. Even better if they are anti-slip ones.

Compared to an Indoor Playground, this is one activity that the entire family can participate together - rain or shine. I had originally thought that one hour's worth of just simply jumping around will bore the monkies but how wrong I was. In fact, they loved it so much that they made me promise to bring them back again! And it is one promise I intend to keep.

Useful Information

Amped Trampoline Park
369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126
(Level 2, above the foodcourt)
*Entrance is up the staircase at the back near the carpark
*Free parking at location
Tel: 8669 4894
Email: info@ampedsingapore.com
Website: www.ampedsingapore.com
Opening Hours & Rates:

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Christy@kidsrsimple.com said...

Thanks for sharing this, otherwise I would probably be one of the last to find out! I must check this place out. My kids love trampoline and I love that somersault by your son. Gonna forward this to the spouse and friends:)

Mónica Portillo said...

Please AVOID the Jurong branch, my 3 kids aged 9, 4, 4 were denied the access last week (12 May 2016) by the clown they have for manager. The reason? We had no booking and decide to do a walk-in so before opening our shoes we wanted to make sure there was available spots, but before we could find out this guy came with so much rage and confrontation asking my kids to open their shoes, they were frightened. I didn´t like it so I told him we will open our shoes but that´s not the way you should approach people, and specially little people. He went nuts after I said that and started lecturing me about rules, safety blah blah blah!

Then I was asked what my profession was (doest it matters in a trampoline park?), blaming me for not being familiar with their booking system, for not booking in advance, Jesus Christ!! We were there just to jump, but this clown was acting like if were attempting to enter the Pentagon loaded with guns.

After all the ordeal, he said Ï will make things easier for you, I will deny you the access because you are all very fuzzy¨

Totally surreal, not sure what were the owners thinking when they hired this lunatic.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Monica,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

We haven't been back since Feb 2014 so I can't comment on the staff. Hope you have written to the management and received a satisfactory response!

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