Apr 29, 2014

Eggy Day Out at Jurong Bird Park

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This year's Good Friday long weekend had seen plenty of attractions in Singapore jumping on the Easter bandwagon. Not that the monkies minded of course... after all, who can say no to more chocolate eggs? Especially if hunting for them was part of the fun and even better yet, all these took place within Jurong Bird Park!

Jurong Bird Park threw a huge Eggy Day Out celebration over the three-day period, which even saw children enjoying 50% off admission rates. There were plenty of kids-centric activites on offer, ranging an Egg Treasure Hunt to Celebrity Eggs-cursions. Kids also could sign up for a Lory Loft Behind-the-Scenes Tour, where they got the chance to get their hands dirty and prepare their own lory feed for an up-close feeding frenzy with the birds.

That was one activity that Ash and Ayd were bent on trying. Pity though we could not make it for the morning session, but the Egg-lympics that we caught more than made up for the disappointment.

Especially when they were super on in volunteering to be part of the show!

In the end, Ayd got selected to go on stage to aid in one of the magician's tricks while Ash pulled me up together on stage to participate in a telematch. He had to throw balloons from a distance and I had to use a net to catch them.

And guess what? We emerged victorious and had medals to show for our efforts.

After all the fun, it was time to absorb some knowledge... which came in the form of an Eggs-periment! session at the Breeding and Research Centre.

This was yet another activity that had the boys all excited, as they were given the opportunity to learn more about eggs through fun experiments with a certain Dr Squawk.

Ayd even tested the strength of an ostrich egg shell by planting his body weight atop it!

But I think the highlight of the session was when the children got a first-hand loo at how a chick feeding was done.

We, and the monkies especially, certainly enjoyed our eggy day out at Jurong Bird Park. And while its Easter programmes may be over, you can be sure there will most definitely be more exciting activities lined up when the June School Holidays roll along!

I think I speak for the monkies when I say that we can hardly wait!

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