Apr 28, 2014

Smoulder's Mousse Madness

Product Review
(Daddy munches)

The softcore bakers with the hardcore flavourful lava cakes at Smoulder are at it once again. Famous for their bite-sized lava cakes - the monkies swear by it by the way -  it seems that Smoulder is just as deft at making little cups of pleasure as well.

The brand new Mousse Cups will make their bow on 1 May 2014 and the monkies got the chance to sneak a few mouthfuls of the 4 flavours! Well, technically it was only 3 as one of the flavour contains alcohol.

The 4 new and delectable flavours of Mousse Cups line-up include - from left to right - Chocolate Orgasm, Tipsy Lychee, Matcha meets Azuki and Mango Tango.

And it was hardly surprising that the monkies zoomed in on the Chocolate and Mango Mousse Cups just seconds I had snapped the above photo.

The Chocolate Orgasm consists of a smooth, rich chocolate with a Hazelnut crunch while the Mango Tango offers Mango Mousse with a twist of Passion Fruit. To be honest, I only had one small miserable sampling of either flavours and I was the lucky one. The wifey did not even manage to snare a mouthful. But at least it showed how much the monkies enjoyed their late night dessert, no?

The Tipsy Lychee more than made up for the wifey though. The tiramisu comes laced with Kirsch (a type of fruit brandy), and a generous helping of lychee and crumble bits. A lethal combination, and I mean that in a delicious way of course.

I had the Matcha & Azuki by default, which is green tea mousse with layers of red bean. It was not overly sweet, and one certainly can never go wrong with the green tea and red beans combo.

But the one thing that I love about these little pleasures is that they are not too big to stomach, which makes them an excellent dessert choice at children's parties. There's no cutting or apportioning required and one portion is just perfect for everyone. Not to mention that they make wonderful eye candy for parties too!

For those who still prefer a conventional cake but struggle to finish a normal-sized cake every single time (that's us!), Smoulder has also expanded the Mousse Cups into Whole Mousse Cakes that comes in 4, 6 and 8 inches. Perfect for those who prefer intimate celebrations with smaller sized whole cakes.

We had the 4-inch Chocolate Orgasm Mousse Cake for breakfast on a Saturday, and that probably marked the first time that all 3 monkies asked for second helpings!

From 1 May 2014, the Mousse Cups are retailing at S$5.50 per cup while the Whole Mousse Cakes will be available at S$18 (4-inch), S$32 (6-inch), and S$58 (8-inch).


Smoulder is expanding! To celebrate Smoulder’s new outlet at Takashimaya Food Hall at Basement 2 on 1 May 2014, Smoulder will be giving out FREE ice-cream for a single serving of molten lava cake purchased! The free ice-cream promo will take place again on 1 June 2014 to kick start the Great Singapore Sale period as well. *Do note that free ice-cream will not be applicable to a 3-piece or 9-piece box purchase.

Useful Information

Outlets: Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-68 (11am to 10pm daily) & Takashimaya Food Hall #B208-4 (10am to 10pm daily)
For more information, kindly visit www.smoulder.it

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