Apr 27, 2014

Buying Art from the Comfort of your Home

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Who says buying art needs to be confined to art galleries and exhibitions?

With the proliferation of techonology and of course, the one thing we can ill afford to NOT have in our lives today - Internet - people are redefining the manner in which one browses and buys art pieces. So one of the thrilling things the Internet has given mere mouse-wielding mortals is access to a huge range of affordable art.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Hiscox, one of the largest global insurers of fine art, 64% of established art collectors are buying online based on a digital image. 

So it is with this in mind that 3 ladies came together to set up Art Loft, a curated platform that features emerging talents of the Asian contemporary art scene and gives one preferential and direct access to their diverse collections.

Headquartered in Singapore, Art Loft is essentially an online art platform and initiative, and deals primarily with the buying and renting of Asian contemporary art. Yes, RENTING. Because renting is a great way to explore how the artwork looks in one's home (or office), it allows one to live with the artwork for a period of time (for as low as $20 per month by the way) to decide how convicted he/she is about it.

I have to admit though - I know absolutely zilch when it comes to purchasing or even investing in art. So I was naturally awestruck by the mind-boggling range of genres of artwork on display when I attended Art Loft's launch 1.5 weeks back.

The artwork were no doubt beautiful to gawk but for an art novice like me, the sheer number of artwork hanging on the walls can get rather overwhelming, or even intimidating... especially if I have a desire to find out more about the artist or the story behind his/her works.

But with Art Loft's online portal, I found it extremely useful to have the detailed descriptions of the artworks and their respective artists' profiles at my fingertips. Oh, and can I just say the website is such a breeze to navigate too?

Interestingly, Ayd was peeping over my shoulder as I was typing this blog post and the photos of the various artworks that I photographed caught his attention... which eventually resulted in him spending a good 15 minutes surfing through the art pieces on Art Loft's website. You see, he is quite into art himself so maybe one day, I will get to see his artworks on that exact website? Heh.

At the end of the day, you do not have to be a Google or Facebook co-founder to buy a masterpiece. Because with Art Loft, it offers great art at great prices.

Useful Information

Website: http://artloft.co/
Email: info@artloft.co
Contact: +65 6521 6690 (10am to 7pm)
Facebook: http://facebook.com/artloftasia

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