May 25, 2014

Because we never turn down Transformers toy launches

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(Daddy transforms)

Transformers have long been part of my life, especially during my growing-up years. I remember I used to rush home straight after primary school in the evenings, just so that I would not miss the Transformers cartoon at 6.30pm. Much like aunties chasing a Taiwanese soap opera, my classmates and I would discuss the episodes at great length in school the next day.

And the fascination with these Autobots and Decepticons have prevailed - in my 2 boys. I had watched the Transformers Animated cartoon series together with them in 2008 and it was enough to get them hooked. 

The boys sure looked so cute back then. So anyway, Ash became the Optimus fanboy while Ayd was smitten with Bumblebee. I became the designated chaperon for the Decepticons during playtime... because someone has got to be the bad guy, right? Not that I minded of course, since Decepticons are waaaay cooler.

And when the chance came for us to be part of the official launch of the Transformers: Age of Extinction line of toys 2 Fridays ago, how could we say no?

If there is one thing from the new Transforrmers movie that excites me the most, it is that the Dinobots will be finally making their appearance! Somehow, the Dinobots - and especially, Grimlock - have always remained as the fan-boys' ultimate faves.

The boys though, were kept busy by the wide range of Transformers toys... and my, what a mind boggling range it was.

Have younger kids? No problem, how about these super adorable Transformers play things that made even the wifey go, "Wah, so cute!!!"?

Even Ale was not spared from the Transformers madness!

And to further prove that the madness is truly contagious, hordes of people swarmed the Toys 'R' Us at Forum The Shopping Mall at the stroke of 10pm to sweep the toys off the shelves.

As for the boys, they settled on the Grimlock and Strafe Contruct-bots in the end.

The plus point about the Tranformers: Age of Extinction toy line is it features innovative new play patterns - which includes the one-step changers and flip-to-change action - designed to make the transformation process more fun and appealing to younger children.

You can check out the entire line-up of the toys HERE.

Go ahead, click the link. I don't earn any money off it. And as long as we are in a disclosing kind of mood, I make no money off this post either. I did get a large Optimus Prime action figure though... and the boys welcomed the KRE-O playsets.

The toy launch did have one lasting effect on the boys in the end - their love for all things Transformers has been rekindled, so we spent the last few weekends screaming "Autobots, transform and roll out!" at the top of our voices.

And yes, you can be certain we will be catching Transformers: Age of Extinction when it opens on 26 June 2014 in cinemas!

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mabel :) said...

My husband is often the decepticons as well. And he loves it. Haha. He has built up an army of decepticons to "fight" Blake's team of Autobots. Blake has even given me a nickname so that he knows we're on the same side. I'm pretty mommy smokescreen when the gear is in transformers mode. Haha!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Mabel,

Smokescreen is cool! One of my fave Autobots.... if I am not taking charge of the Decepticons that is. Haha...

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