May 2, 2014

How HeART Studio has changed Ayd

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Remember Ayd's art lessons at HeART Studio? Time sure flies, and it has been slightly under 3 months since he had started attending weekly art lessons. 

Throughout the term, various themes will be introduced and each will typically last over a 5-week period. In my previous post on HeART Studio, I had mentioned that one of the themes was landscape.

Ayd was taught the techniques of painting, from the outlining of the landscape to mixing colours before subsequently learning how to use various brush strokes in order to achieve different textures and looks.

After a few weeks, this was what he has too show for his effort.

Frankly, the wifey and I were astounded when we first saw it.

Ayd had previously attended lessons in another art school for slightly over a year, but he gradually lost interest in that so that was why we pulled him out. So when HeART Studio came calling with the intention to sponsor him for a term's worth of lessons, I was not too sure if his interest in art was still there.

Ayd, though, gamely agreed to go for the lessons and it was a decision that he never regretted. For someone who usually depends on the wifey and me, or even his older brother, to remind him of stuff or worse, to do certain things on his behalf, he seems to be a completely different Ayd when it comes to his weekly art lessons at HeART Studio.

He never fails to remember to bring his art bag along whenever we leave the house, and makes sure that I am all changed and ready to leave the house on time lest he is late for class! The wifey and I can see the amount of hard work and effort that he puts in every single one of his paintings and how proud he truly is whenever he brings home a certain art piece for us to gawk.

And it seems to have a positive impact on his school life too. He comes across as being more confident in himself now, and even had his art & craft work chosen to represent his class in an art competition in school!

I'm extremely proud of this little fella! :D

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