May 4, 2014

Mao Shan Wang Goodness, in a Cake

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(Daddy eats)

You know, if there is one thing to link all the mothers in my family - the wifey, my mum and my mum-in-law - then it must be the love for all things durian. And their soft spot for the prickly fruit must have rubbed off Ale too, who now demands for it whenever she sees it being sold outside!

So imagine their utter delight when Emicakes sent us one of its signature Standard Cakes, Mao Shan Wang, which has been tweaked a little to welcome Mother's Day.

The first thing that struck all of us was the design of the cake, which came in a vibrant yellow colour with spikes for that added fun effect.

Faced with such a beautiful cake, it gave us the perfect reason to have an early Mother's Day celebration for the monkies' Por-por.

Of course, Ale was the most impatient one of all... who was bent on leaving one of her finger imprint on the cake!

Finally, she was given the go-ahead to perform the all-important taste test.

And oh-em-gee, the durian flesh contained within the cake. The generous servings of Mao Shan Wang durian flesh complemented the vanilla Chiffon+ cake so very well! And in case you are wondering what Chiffon+ is, it is a light and fluffy chiffon that is healthier than ordinary sponge cakes. The enhanced recipe is made with milk protein making it up to 30% less cholesterol!

Yes, more than half of the cake was gone in record time... and that was BEFORE any of us had second helpings.

Speaking of second helpings, Emicakes did also send another Mao Shan Wang cake for my Mum. But apparently, she could not wait for me to snap a photo of it and tucked into it immediately! Luckily though, Emicakes' website has a photo of the exact same cake.

Cute, no? With a design like this, no wonder my Mum could not resist! It is aptly named Fabulous Mum Happy Face Design and is available in different flavours such as Durian, Chocolate, Mango, etc.

In fact, that is only one of three cake designs that has been specially rolled out for Mother's Day this year.

The Flowers for Mum Cake (yellow) is entirely covered with fondant, and is made special by the edible flowers embossed on top of the cake. The Especially for Mum Cake (pink) carries a design which best describes how beautiful Mums truly are – simple yet elegant.

With one week to go before Mother's Day, don't wait too long to place your orders!

For more information and prices of the cakes, visit Orders can be placed online or through Emicakes' outlets island-wide.

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