May 6, 2014

Stylo Milo in a Cup

Product Review
(Daddy brews)

If there is one drink that can make my monkies go absolutely bonkers over, this would be it.

MILO is a huge thing in our family, especially if you have read about how the monkies assisted the wifey in conjuring up some MILO Muffins for breakfast, or how both Ash and Ayd are able to whip up a mean MILO drink all by themselves.

But now, when it comes to making that cup of hot MILO at home, the job gets even simpler.

You see, NESCAFE Dolce Gusto - the revolutionary multi-beverage system that brews café- style coffee, tea, hot chocolate specialities - has added MILO capsules to its ammunition. On top of that, the all-new MINI ME Automatic System was launched as well.

The good thing about the MINI ME  is that it still retains the advantage of  providing hot and cold drinks in a minute but in a compact little machine without taking up too much space at home. Which is marvelous because our current housing space is already limited, so stuff taking up space at home is not good for the wifey's mental health. And by extension, mine too.

But mini doesn't mean the technology is downsized as well. Inside, it is still the same technology as the other Nescafe machines, with a pump capable of delivering up to 15 bars of pressure, adequate for making that cup of coffee, chai tea, hot chocolate, iced peach tea and yes, MILO.

Naturally, Ayd - who is the biggest fan of MILO on this planet - wanted to make that first cup of MILO and so he did.

To make a cup of luxuriously smooth, creamy and velvety café-style MILO, one will need to pop in 2 pods - one with MILO powder while the other with Skim Milk powder. No sugar needs to be added, and the result?

I had my first sip and my first impression is that it tasted milkier compared to the MILO drink I make from scratch. Somehow, the milk froth did wonders to the concoction and one sip was all it took for Ale to demand that she too be allowed to brew a cup of MILO on her own.

And what the Diva wants, the Diva gets.

Not that I needed to worry she would jeopardize the entire process by making a wrong move. The controls are easy, with a dial up top that lights up as one selects the level of intensity suggested per pod.

In less than a minute, she was done!

Don't these 2 look so cute together? In fact, the MINI ME had clinched both the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and ‘Product Design’ Award at the International Forum Design 2014 with its quirky contours!

So with the MINI ME being such a darling and simple to use, it is no wonder that the boys have been bugging to make their own MILO drinks - and my coffee - almost every single night!

Looks like I have to stock up on more pods then!

Useful Information

The MINI ME comes in three snazzy shades - Black & Anthracite, Red & Artic-Grey and Artic-Grey & White - and is retailing for S$199 at the in-store boutique in TANGS Orchard, TANGS VivoCity, Takashimaya, Isetan, OG, BEST DENKI, Harvey Norman, COURTS, Fair Price Finest, Fair Price XTRA, selected Fair Price stores, selected Market Place and Cold Storage stores, GIANT and authorised dealers.

MILO pods come in a 16-pod box (8 MILO powder & 8 Skim Milk powder pods) and is retailing for S$10.90 per box.

For detailed store listing and more information about NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, visit, or its Facebook page.

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