Jun 20, 2014

Samba, Score, Match with FOX's World Cup Tees

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(Daddy scores)

The FIFA World Cup has kicked off in Brazil for slightly over a week now, which means almost everybody is perfectly in the soccer spirit - dark rings around the eyes and all.

Whether your children is a fanatic or a casual viewer, they are bound to catch on the World Cup fever. More so if the parents are huge fans of football. And when they do, you will want to make sure they do it in style.

Just for this World Cup season, FOX Kids & Baby has launched the World Cup Tees series for kids and they come in 7 countries - Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain - for them to pledge their allegiance to.

But wait, Dads need not feel all left out as the FOX World Cup Tees are not exclusive to the little ones. Dads get a super-sized variety of the same 7 Country Shirts to choose from too!

Matchy-matchy clothes need not be restricted to solely Mums and Daughters. Dads too, can get into all the dress-up fun with their kids. Yes, complete with posey-posey action too!

The good thing about the World Cup Tees from FOX is that the T-shirt material is relatively soft and not overly thick. This makes them the perfect apparel to don for a day of fun outdoors.

And now that the boys have grown increasingly vocal when it comes to picking their own clothes whenever we head out, they have always picked their World Cup Tees every single time. Even after I had deliberately hid the tees deep inside the burrows of their wardrobe.

So amid the cheers and beers, there is simply no denying the kids their fair share of football spirit this World Cup. OLE!

Oh, and here is an extra bit of useful information. FOX Kids & Baby is having their End Season Sale now! Get up to 70% off storewide and if you are a FOX-C member, you get to save more by enjoying an additional 10% off (min 3 pcs) or 15% off (min 5 pcs).

FOX Kids & Baby World Cup Tees are retailing at $35 for 2 pieces, while an Adult-sized World Cup Tee is priced at $29.90.

To keep updated with the latest news and promotions from FOX Kids & Baby, follow them on Facebook  - Fox Fashion (Singapore).

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