Jun 23, 2014

Sentosa's Wings of Time Swoops In

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Has it really been 7 years?

I still remember bringing Ash and Ayd in 2007 to catch Sentosa's newest night show, Songs of the Sea, for the first time. Ayd was barely 9 months old and predictably didn't remember anything about the show. Ash, on the other hand, was so enamoured by the show that he pestered us (successfully) to buy him a pair of Oscar the lionfish slippers.

And as with all good things, Songs of the Sea ended its 7-year run on 4 May 2014. Six weeks later, a brand new signature night show has swooped in to take its place.

Set against Siloso Beach and at the same outdoor theatre, Wings of Time took flight for the first time on 17 June 2014 with the promise of never-seen-before ensemble of artistically choreographed multimedia effects with contemporary story-telling and fun audience engagement.

Wings of Time tells the story of two teenagers, Rachel and Felix, who help a bird-like creature, Shahbaz, find its way home.

As the trio leave modern Singapore, we were taken on a breathtaking adventure through several panoramic locations – from the Industrial Revolution and the Silk Road eras, to the African Savanna and even plunging deep underwater.

Compared to Songs of the SeaWings of Time has a thinner storyline and considerably less dialogue. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Wings of Time prefers to let its special effects created by 3D video mapping, robotic water fountains and enhanced pyrotechnics do the talking. And what a statement it turned out to be.

Together with its majestic music score, the combination of water, laser and fire effects made the night show a truly immersive experience. In fact, I was told that coupled with multimedia elements, the entire show area measures up to 80m wide and 50m high, making it almost 40% larger than the previous night show.

I liked how the choreography of pyrotechnics and special effects were tightly woven into the narration of the story, with the use of moving water jets with LED lights and coloured lasers always a hit with the young and old alike. Oh, and if you are in the mood of getting a little drenched, do plonk yourself on the first few rows of the seating area!

The wifey preferred Wings of Time over Songs of the Sea as "there was just something enchanting how the music blended seamlessly together with the lighting choreography." As for the monkies, they barely moved an inch throughout the 25-minute performance as they sat transfixed by the panorama of breathtaking effects.

Not just another musical fountain or fireworks show with special effects, Wings of Time provides the perfect curtain call to a fabulous day out at the State of Fun.

Useful Information

Wings of Time
Venue: Beside Beach Carpark, Sentosa
Showtimes: 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily (Pre-show segment begins 10 minutes before showtime)
Admission Charges: Premium Seats S$23 | Standard Seats S$15 for Local Residents and S$18 for other visitors. Book tickets HERE.
Website: www.wingsoftime.com.sg

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