Jun 2, 2014

Why the IntelliBox is a Hit in our Family

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You probably would have noticed that all children love to play. Not all play is equal, though. These days, children spend so much time on watching screens that it requires little or no interaction. Not all TV is bad, but too much screen time robs a child of creating the skills necessary for imagination.

A child is constantly exploring, adapting, engaging, responding and readapting to everything he/she encounters. That explains why toys and activities that promote creativity has to remain open-ended. Open-ended toys can be enjoyed by boys and girls, and appeal to a wide age range.

More importantly though, children can engage in physical and mental stimulation which requires manipulation and touch with these open-ended play materials. And the thing to pack all of these into a tiny little box? The IntelliBox.

The IntelliBox is Singapore's first subscription-based 'Intellectual Development Kit' which is to be delivered right to the doorsteps of parents and is designed to be a monthly kit filled with mini brain-based games, puzzles, worksheets as well as reading notes for parents.

Offered by ThinkersBox, a cognitive training centre that prides itself in helping children develop and build their thinking skills for effective learning, Ale had the opportunity to start working on her first box earlier in the year. Turned out that she enjoyed all the activities that came with the box so much that she requested for a new IntelliBox!

You can read more about my previous reviews on IntelliBox, and how much Ale loved the hands-on activities (and even the boys too!) HERE. So I am just going to share with you why the IntelliBox is such a big hit in my family:

1. It is full of activities designed to stimulate a child's mind.
More than just a regular workbook with puzzles, the activities range from memory skills, problem-solving techniques, to fine motor and visual recognition skills.

2. It saves the hassle of planning of brain-related activities for parents.
How often have we sacrificed precious strands of hair when it came to planning and thinking of learning-based activities for our children on a consistent basis? With the IntelliBox, it comes with EVERYTHING needed for 20 days! 20 days, because kids get the weekends off too.

3. It improves the quality of interaction time between parent and child.
Let's face it - the last thing that we want to do when we get home after a long day at work is to just slump on the couch and have some me-time. But our children need some of our time too and rather than spend time scratching our heads and wondering about what to play with them, the IntelliBox provides the perfect excuse for some parent-child bonding.

The best part of the activities is that each daily activity only takes between 5 and 15 minutes. So all parents have to do is to check the corresponding activity on on each day and voila, time spent together has never been easier... or more fun!

4. The kids will not suspect they are actually learning.
All of the IntelliBox's activities have been designed and reviewed by a panel of Early Childhood Educators, Psychologists and Professors. So you can be assured of the quality of its contents. But the great thing is the box has made the activities so fun and interesting to do. In fact, Ale enjoyed the activities so much that she always insist on completing MORE than the stipulated daily activities!

5. It appeals to all ages.
Although the recommended age band for the IntelliBox is between 4 and 7 years old, Ale has been able to complete most of the activities so far. Also, some of the activities have greatly intrigued Ash and Ayd too who now congregate together with their sister whenever it is 'IntelliBox time'.

In fact, I have now the luxury of outsourcing the coaching to Ale's 2 older brothers! Woot!

Looks like I get to slump on my couch after all.

The Intellibox subscription rates starts from as low as $1.50 per day and  choose either 3-month ($145) or 6-month ($255) plans.

Visit www.thinkersbox.com/ourprogrammes/intellibox-4-7-years-old to find out more!

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