Jun 3, 2014

Escape from City Life at Kakis Bistro & Bar

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If there is one kind of dining places that appeal to me, it is those that offer an instant escape from the hustle and bustle of town. Better yet if they are nestled amid a lush and tranquil garden!

Tucked away in a quiet corner off Changi Village, Kakis Bistro & Bar is the ideal place for a quick retreat and chill with family and friends.

The al fresco bistro & bar was designed by the same people behind Changi Airport's Terminal 3 and the generous use of green foliage throughout the bistro clearly showed.

Have kids who cannot seem to sit still... uhm, like my monkies?

The back door of Kakis leads to an open space where the monkies were free to roam around. There is a golf range right beside too, so the monkies took great delight in watching some of the golfing uncles do their putting.

At least it kept them occupied until the food arrived. And speaking about the food, the most interesting thing about the food at Kakis Bistro & Bar is that the greens are grown and harvested onsite. Just like the Prawn Alioli with Lemongrass & Coriander ($9.80), which utilised homegrown lemongrass and coriander.

Succulent, fresh and very appetizing dish. I had thought the dish might be too spicy for the boys' liking but they had second helpings! The Stir Fried Button Mushroom with White Wine Shallots & Kaffir Leaf ($8.50) featured black button mushroom sautéed with white wine, shallots and Kakis' very own Kaffir lime leaf. Again, the mushrooms were very fresh and tasty, but somehow it is not something I will order if it is up to me.

Rounding up the Tapas group, we had the Chicken Quesadilla served with Tomato Salsa & Sour 
Cream Dip ($10), which was chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper and sandwiched within quesadilla.

This was a huge hit with the monkies! They loved it so much that they practically polished off every single piece on the plate. *wail*

From the miserable morsel of quesadilla that I was fortunate to wrestle away from them, the chicken was rather flavourful with the homemade salsa topping providing the extra oomph.

What is a meal without fries, no? The Fries Addiction ($6) truly lived up to its name - they were crisp, had that extra bit of kick thanks to the curry-like seasoning and were utterly addictive!

We dived in to the mains straight after and the Prawn Aglio Olio ($17.50) didn't disappoint. At least to the wifey and me. The fusion taste of the kaffir leaf brought out the flavour of the dish and both of us ending up fighting over the pasta!

And while the wifey and I were busy stuffing our mouths with pasta, the monkies had the good ol' Fish & Chips ($17). A decent dish, nothing too spectacular but the monkies lapped it up all the same.

One plus point about Kakis is that it is well-ventilated and pretty breezy. And as Ayd will have you know - the perfect place to chill and for gatherings among friends when the sun goes down.

One would have thought with a place filled with so much plants, mosquitoes will be a free add-on to the meal. Surprisingly enough, none of us lost any blood for the duration we were there!

Oh, and if you are there every Friday and Saturday evenings, there will be live music acts too. The Passerby, a local band, entertained us while we were there and they were extremely accommodating in taking song requests. Ale should know. She was the one who mustered enough courage to request for her all-time fave song 'Let It Go' and the band gamely obliged! Suffice to say, it totally made her night.

Personally, I feel Kakis is more of a bistro than a full-fledged restaurant. And the proof is in its food - the tapas and finger food were great while the mains were passable. 

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track place to chill the evening away with friends and family away from the maddening crowd, Kakis definitely fits the bill.

*Mention 'kakis1309' and enjoy 10% off on all food items! 
Valid until 31 Dec 2014. 

Useful Information

Kakis Bistro & Bar
289 Farnborough Road. Singapore 509747
(behind the Sree Ramar Hindu Temple)
Opening Hours: 4pm - 12am daily (Closed on Tuesdays)
Tel: 6214 2956
Website: http://kakis.sg/

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