Jun 4, 2014

Keep Calm and Father On

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be an author of a Foreword for a book. 

But here it is.

Truth be told, when I was first approached to pen the foreword for the book, I had envisioned it to be a piece of cake. Well, turned out that it was anything but that.

For one, I had to squeeze my Fatherhood experience to the confines of 600 to 800 words, and yet be light-hearted but insightful all at the same time. Luckily, I had the fortune of my past Parenting articles published over the years on my blog to fall back on.

So what is the book all about?

Simply put, Keep Calm and Father On is collection of 399 quotes from around the world and across time - some of the best things that have ever been said about this magical journey called Fatherhood.

Because when it comes to Fatherhood, it is a journey that is joyous, nail-biting and exhausting all at once. Of course there will be times when all we men want to do is to shut the door and play computer games or watch football matches (free-flow beer will be nice!). And this is precisely where the book comes in - to help Fathers reflect, to celebrate the fatherhood journey and to serve as an encouragement to all fathers.

The book contains quotes about Fatherhood from artists, politicians, celebrities, philosophers and writers... and there will be plenty that Fathers will no doubt identify because they are just so darn true (and funny).

Or there will be something that might just inspire Fathers in any circumstance.

And as a bonus, there are a few guest contributions from some Daddy Bloggers from Daddy Matters too. You will have to get the book to find out who they are!

Mothers need not get all jealous though, as there is the mother-equivalent out in the bookstores as well.

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. So if you are all out of ideas of what to get for your Dad or your children's Dad, this book may just make the perfect gift for him.

Quotes could also be described as bite-sized life lessons, so they provide important knowledge that may specifically help Dads improve the quality of their Fatherhood journey. And because quotes are so succinct, they can sometimes be used to communicate complex ideas in just a few words - words that they can turn to in times of sadness and difficulty in order to find comfort and inspiration. Or perhaps even a few chuckles.

Do check it out! :)

Keep Calm and Father On is retailing for $14.98 at all Kinokuniya, Popular and Times bookstores. 

BUT if you purchase via Armour Publishing's online store, you pay only $12.75*! That's a 15% discount! Place your order here: www.armourpublishing.com/?product=keep-calm-and-father-on-the-399-best-things-ever-said-about-fatherhood

*Price correct as of 21 August 2014

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