Jun 6, 2014

Team up with DC Super Heroes at Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Media Invite
(Daddy powers up!)

Who's up for a combat against evil?

Definitely the boys... and they were even dressed for the occasion!

The occasion in question was the official opening of the The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Held in conjunction with Children's Season 2014 AND Warner Bros.' celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman,  the exhibition showcases stamps from Singapore Philatelic Museum’s permanent collection, Singapore Post MyStamps and the stamp artworks, as well as rare original comic art pages and collectibles on loan from collectors.

Of course, the real highlight of the exhibition was when the monkies got to pose like Super Hero wannabes with life-size comic covers of Superman and Batman, as well as limited edition life-size busts of these Super Heroes.

Yes, Ayd was pretty serious in becoming the next Batman methinks.

Through stamps, artworks of comic pages, collectibles of figurines, visitors will be able to learn about the history and origins of DC Comics and the Justice League of America. The boys spent most of the time there reading the information on panels and I have to admit - even for an avid comic fanboy like me (about 15 years ago), I discovered new stuff about the DC Super Heroes that I never knew before!

Personally though, I was in total awe with some of the collectibles of figurines and models that were on display.

And if I had my way, I would have carted this beautifully-crafted chess set home!

Sadly, I could only squat and gawk.

Anyway, this year being Batman's 75th Birthday and all, it would be a grave injustice if Batman were not given a more prominent showcase.

In fact, this exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum is the first and only DC Comics Super Heroes exhibition in Asia to commemorate the milestone BATMAN 75th Anniversary!

So expect to see loads of Batman memorabilia, including models of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and the Batmobile Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins (2005).

Although I think Ale still has a soft spot for Superman. Heh.

If you are intending to bring the kids down, you might want to download The League Against Evil@SPM mobile app first. It will allow them to take Augmented Reality photos with the DC Comics characters! Download the iOS version HERE and Android one HERE.

And just for this June School Holidays, there are plenty of DC Comics-related activities specially for the aspiring young heroes too:

DC Super Heroes Open House @ Singapore Philatelic Museum
8 & 22 June, 28 July & 9 August 2014; 9.30am – 7pm

Come dressed as your favourite DC Comics Super Heroes character & get to meet other cosplayers at the event. Participate in activities such as Pose and Post (pose in Super Heroes costume and post your photo in the form of a postcard), and Make Your Own Super Heroes Stamps and Buttons.

Create Your Own 3D Model Super Heroes Workshop
Saturdays, 7 & 21 June, 19 July, 16 August 2014; 10am – 12.30pm
$45 per person* | For adults and children aged 7 years and above 

Learn the basics of state-of-the-art 3D modelling concepts and create your own super heroes. *Minimum 6 and maximum 15 participants per session Participants are required to bring their own laptops. To register, contact Laura Tan at 6513 7348 or email laura_tan@nhb.gov.sg

Draw Your Own Super Heroes Workshop
Saturdays, 7 & 21 June, 19 July, 16 August 2014; 2pm – 4pm
$25 per person* | For adults and children aged 7 years and above 

Experience and learn to sketch your favourite super heroes with Jerry Hinds, President of Association of Comic Artists. *Minimum 10 and maximum 24 participants per session. To register, contact Laura Tan at 6513 7348 or email laura_tan@nhb.gov.sg

Night At The Museum
Thursday, 12 June 2014, 6pm -Friday, 13 June 2014, 9am
Thursday, 19 June 2014, 6pm - Friday, 20 June 2014, 9am 
$90 per child* | For children aged 7 to 12 years old 

Check-in at the Singapore Philatelic Museum for a night of discovery, games and craft. Participants will get to make new friends, learn to work together as a team, find out about the ‘King of Hobbies’ and have the rare opportunity to sleep among stamps! Dinner, supper and breakfast will be provided. *Registration is required. For more details and to register, contact Lily Samuel at 6513 7347 or email Lily_Samuel@nhb.gov.sg

Useful Information

The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Dates: 5 Jun - 31 Aug 2014
Opening Hours: Monday 1pm - 7pm | Tues to Sun 9:30am - 7pm
Admission: FREE for Singapore Citizens & PRs | Others: Adult $6 Child $4
Website: www.spm.org.sg

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the heads up!

loonshi said...

Hi, may I know where did you get the batman shirt with the cape? Thanks.

Cheekiemonkies said...

No prob, Dennis! :)

Hi loonshi,

We got both the Superman and Batman tees at Movie World, Gold Coast a few years back actually.

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