Jul 22, 2014

Going Nutty over Nutella

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Creamy chocolate and hazelnuts form one irresistible combination, even more so when they come harmoniously blended together to form Nutella! Just ask Ale.

If Ayd is the biggest Milo fan on this planet, then Ale must be the most fanatical supporter of all things Nutella, a hazelnut spread with that unique and delicious chocolaty taste.

Truth be told, the wifey and I too love to indulge in our Nutella so I guess that was how Ale got started on her Nutella addiction from a very young age!

The unique taste of Nutella can be attritbuted to the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. In addition, not only does Nutella contain no artificial colors or preservatives, it naturally has vitamins and is high in fibre and protein - thanks to its nutty Hazelnuts.

I will be the first to admit it - Nutella absolutely tastes like heaven straight out of the jar. But while it tastes good on its own, did you know it is the perfect (and sensible) thing for breakfast when paired with bread?

After all, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. But it isn't always a breeze when it comes to getting the monkies finish their breakfast... more so for the boys who have to get up really early for school and the last thing on their minds is to put their jaws to work.

With Nutella on bread, it is a different story though.

The thing is when used in moderation with complementary foods, Nutella can form a part of a balanced meal for breakfast. It is a quick and easy way to encourage the monkies to eat whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and even, wholemeal crackers.

The monkies may think they are getting a treat for breakfast with Nutella on bread while I am actually helping nourish them with whole grains. Fuss-free? Yup. Win-win situation? Double confirm.

And though we may know about the great taste of Nutella, there are some things you may not know about this super addictive spread:

1. Nutella is actually sweet nut
An Italian bakery owner called Pietro Ferrero created the spread in the 1940s. Originally called Pasta gianduja, it was renamed Nutella in 1964, as a result of combining the English word ‘nut’ and the Latin suffix for sweet  - ‘ella’.

2. Nutella was sold in loaves orignally
Initially, it came in the form of a solid block, just so that people could cut a perfect slice to fit on a piece of bread.

3. There is a World Nutella Day
In 2007, two Italian bloggers took their love of Nutella to the next level and created a worldwide day of celebration dedicated to Nutella. Every year, 5th February is a day for dedicated for all things Nutella.

4. There is a right way to store Nutella
Contrary to belief, storing Nutella in the fridge will make spreading it extremely tedious. Store Nutella at a room temperature to experience at its best creamy consistency.

5. Nutella sells like hotcakes
One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide. Definitely at a faster rate than a baby is born in Singapore. 'Nuff said.


Want to enjoy the great creamy taste of Nutella? We have two bottles of hazelnut and cocoa goodness (200g) to give away to THREE of our readers!

All you have to do is to answer the following question: 

"Name 2 ingredients found in Nutella."

Leave your comment either in this blog post, or in the corresponding Facebook post HERE.

Giveaway ends on 27 July 2014, 2359 hours and is open to residents in Singapore only.

Good Luck!


Thanks to all who have participated! The THREE lucky winners have been picked, and they are:

1. Ace Serene
2. Emily Liem
3. Lyn Hanz

Congratulations! You have each won  two bottles of Nutella (200g)!

Kindly email me at kelvin(at)cheekiemonkie.net by 4 August 2014 for your prize collection details. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hazelnut + Skim Milk ! :) thanks!


lily said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk

Jolin said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk

Carol Mei Mei said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skimmed milk

Robert Sim said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skimmed milk

Megan said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk.

Ser said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk

FB Name: Ace Serene

Anonymous said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk

Crystal tan said...

Skim milk and cocoa

Geraldine Ong said...

Roasted hazelnuts & Skim milk!

Anonymous said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skimmed milk


Me said...

Sugar and palm oil.

liL aLien:) said...

Hello! :)

The two ingredients are

Roasted Hazelnuts and Skim Milk.

sindhu mano said...

Roasted hazelnuts & Skim milk

Jingxian said...

roasted hazelnuts and skim milk

Unknown said...

Roasted Hazelnut & Skim Milk

IRIS CHAN said...

~~Roasted hazelnuts & skimmed milk ~~

weoseek said...

roasted hazelnut n skimmed milk

kptiong@yahoo.com said...

roasted hazelnut & skimmed milk

Adventures of a Supermom said...

Premium Hazelnuts and Cocoa


Terry Jude said...

Roasted Hazelnuts & Skim Milk

Siew Hwee said...

Hazelnut and cocoa

Unknown said...

2 ingredients found in Nutella are:
1) roasted hazelnuts and
2) skim milk

thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

Skim Milk & Cocoa

Beverly! said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skim milk. Mmmmm...!

LuvPanda said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skimmed milk

Anonymous said...

Roasted hazelnuts and skimmed milk.


Yen said...

Hi, they are: hazelnuts and skim milk. Thanks .

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