Sep 15, 2014

GunPla Expo World Tour 2014: World of Gundam

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I have fond memories of putting together countless Gundam model kits during my school days... and not so fond memories of my mum screaming at me for adding more toy stuff to my room on top of my Transformers and Star Wars action figures. 

So when I heard that GunPla Expo World Tour 2014 would be heading to Singapore this September, I was more than eager to relive some of my Gundam childhood memories.

Gundam is one of the world’s most popular media franchises, telling the story of giant robots and their human pilots fighting wars. And being the biggest Gundam exhibition in Asia, GunPla (or Gundam Plamodel, which is essentially Gundam model kit building) Expo World Tour 2014 will provide all Gundam fans plenty of excitement during its 12-day run.

As it turned out, even those who have never heard of Gundam before were clearly excited too.

It was Ash's and Ayd's first time coming into contact with the Gundam franchise and with all boys (like me), any stuff to do with huge kick-ass robots never fail to intrigue.

For the Diva though, something cuter caught her eye.

The Expo features exhibits for Gundam's two upcoming series - Gundam Build Fighters Try, and the new Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G - as well as a Gundam Build Fighters 3D Mapping Booth.

I guess the bottom-line is this: there are absolutely tons of Gundam model exhibits to drool over and I had a field day gawking over them.

Ditto for the boys.

Of all the exhibits, these two new kits stopped me in my tracks. The Nightingale and Hi-v Gundam. 

Ok so I lied. This giant Neo Zeong which stands at 86cm made me linger around it for an even longer duration.

As part of the GunPla Expo, Singapore’s best modelers will be also displaying their entries for the GunPla Builders World Cup 2014 qualifiers. The winners of these qualifiers will be heading to Tokyo to represent Singapore and compete for the most coveted prize in GunPla, the GunPla Builders World Cup.

And my word, the work on these model kits are just outstanding.

The above kit is my personal fave, and is titled The Nightingale.

A special screening of the epic conclusion of Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Episode 7 will also be part of the Expo, with limited edition GunPla model kits going on sale too.

Definitely loads of activities for both young and old alike!

Click on poster to enlarge

Inevitably, all the viewing of so many model kits on display made the boys' fingers itch and there was only to be one outcome - making their own Gundam model kit for the first time!

If you have kids who are itching to do the same, the highlight of the GunPla Expo World Tour 2014 will be the the GunPla Caravan Sessions - a coaching workshop for kids aged 6 years and above to assemble a model kit on their own.

Each Caravan session is lasts for 1 hour, and costs $5 per participant. Participants will get to bring back their model after assembly.  Do note however, that the sessions are only available on WEEKDAYS (Mon to Fri). More details on the sessions' timings below.

We could not make it for the Caravan Sessions but seeing how much the boys were craving to assemble a model kit of their own, Sheng Tai Toys and Bandai were happy to oblige.

After less than an hour, the boys' first-ever Gundam model kits were completed!

And they were mightily proud of them too.

And just for our dear readers, Sheng Tai Toys and Bandai have 5 Caravan session slots to give away! But you have to be quick for this because only the FIRST FIVE persons to email Sheng Tai Toys will enable your child to attend one Caravan Session for FREE!

Email with the following details: 

1. Name and Mobile Phone number of Parent/Guardian
2. Name and Age of Child
3. Preferred Date and Time Slot (Refer to the Caravan Sessions photo above)

Remember, only the first 5 emails received by Sheng Tai Toys will receive the free Caravan Session!

Useful Details

GunPla Expo World Tour 2014
Bugis+ Atrium Level 2
10 - 21 Sep 2014
Sun - Thurs: 10.30am - 10pm | Fri & Sat: 10.30am - 10.30pm
FREE Admission

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