Sep 11, 2014

Must-watch Acts of Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014

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What's FREE, FUN, and induces loads of LAUGHTER?

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014, that's what. Because quite simply, it is one of the BEST event you can bring your children to this September School Holidays.

But don't just take my word for it. The monkies, especially Ash, enjoyed our last Saturday evening at Sentosa so much that they wanted to head back to the Festival ONE MORE TIME before it ends this Sunday!

So that makes the map of the various busker sites around the Beach Station area on Sentosa even more handy.

Back for a fifth year running, Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014 will see more than 17 busking acts from Singapore and around the world. After all, who doesn't love a good sword-eating show, juggling clown comedy, or a little magic? Definitely the monkies, who were all pumped up for an evening of fun as we made our way to the first show at the Concourse Pitch (in front of the Wings of Time entrance).

First up, Tuto Tul (MUST-WATCH!) who hails from Argentina and is a clown, magician, poet, and dancer rolled into one.

He is a one-man circus act, and I heard he was extremely popular with the crowd during last year's edition. Which probably explains why he is back again to do what he does best - entertain the crowd with his quirky comedy.

And from the looks of it, it clearly worked.

We headed to the Tent area next, which is located in between Wings of Time and Port of Lost Wonder. You cannot miss it though, as it is a giant white tent erected on a plot of vacant land. 

Frutillas con Crema, an act from Chile was next on our list and while busker Claudio Martinez began juggling at the age of 15, he discovered the art of clown when searching for a way to present his act on stage.

Over the years, he had honed his craft by studying with renowned teachers in the art of clown, theatre, body mime, and get this - buffoon!

A pretty okay act, but the next one was an absolute gem!

The Tripping Man (MUST-WATCH!) is actually not a show per se. Rather, he is a Living Statue character that seems to have been frozen in time by being magically suspended in mid-air in a gravity-defying pose.

Erm, I have no idea how he does it but what I know is his pose simulates an impending fall after slipping on a banana skin. And even though he stays in the same position for 30 whole minutes and does nothing else, it made a huge crowd stop in their tracks and gawk away.

Another hilarious Living Statue is Grumpy Queen Vic (MUST-WATCH!) who was custom made for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London and is one of the UK’s most popular and entertaining human statues.

Saunter up to her for an photo opportunity and watch how she reacts grumpily... as the monkies found out.

If you have preschool children, then one act that your kids cannot afford to miss is The Amazing Drumming Monkeys (MUST-WATCH if you have small kids!).

The premise is simple enough: two soft toy monkeys drumming up a storm and getting the kids to sing, clap and dance along. All these, with a booth made of 100% recycled materials.

And Ale lapped it all up, who declared this was her favourite show of the lot. For the older boys though, they got disinterested after a while so I took the chance to bring them back to the Tent for yet another busker show.

Mr. Banana Show (MUST-WATCH!) is fronted by Pierrick St-Pierre from Canada, who has been creating stage and street acts in over 40 countries for the last 10 years. His main specialties include hat manipulation, mime, slack rope and interactive comedy.

The highlight of his show has got to be the moment when he got members of the audience to pull on a rope so that it was taut enough for him to stand and juggle balls on it!

As we made our way back to the Beach Station, we managed to catch a few minutes' worth of performance by Les Dudes, two crazy acrobats who combine busking, comedy and traditional circus elements in their urban street circus show.

BUT the one act that had both Ash and Ayd purring was that of this dude's.

Aerial Manx. Remember his name. Because if there is only one busker performance that you have time for, this is the MUST-WATCH one! After all, swallowing swords, juggling fire sticks and playing with a flaming whip all make for an intriguing show, no?

Dubbed the "King of Sword Swallowing", Australian Aerial Manx blends the chilling act of sword-swallowing with the beautiful art of acrobatics. Amazingly, he currently holds twelve Guinness World Records, including world's first handstand while swallowing a 2,000 volt neon tube and the most backflips while swallowing a sword! And after watching him in action, I can understand why.

More goosebumps ensued when I witnessed the entire sword blade slid effortlessly down his throat.

As if that was not enough, he proceeded to do a few backflips - yes, plural - while still having the sword stuck in his oesophagus! No wonder the 2 boys were totally captivated by his performance and as it turned out, he was the only one that they requested for a photo opportunity!

I guess that probably sums up all the fun they had at the Buskers Festival then.

In addition to the shows,there is also a Mini Flea Market and Artist Market where the public can browse through unique handicrafts and art pieces such as digital caricatures, handmade accessories and figurines made of dough.

Another great activity for kids will be the the "Let Me Try" interactive zones, where they can try their hand at learning some circus tricks like walking on a slack rope or globe and spinning plates.

Most of the shows we caught were outright entertaining and funny. Ash was the super proactive one, as he religiously ticked off each act that we have seen.... and to think there are still shows that we did not manage to see! So that will also explain why the monkies had demanded  requested to head back to the Festival before it closes this Sunday.

And judging from our experience, you should head down too! Oh, and remember to tip generously if you enjoy their performances!

*For a full schedule of the busker acts on various days, visit

Useful Information 

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014
Beach Plaza, Palawan Beach, Sentosa
6- 14 Sep 2014
Weekdays: 4.30pm to 8.30pm | Weekends: 4.30pm to 9.30pm
FREE (island entry charge applies)

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