Sep 12, 2014

Bubbling with Excitement, Popping with Laughter!

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If your kids dig bubbles - and I mean bouncing, floating, misty, tiny, massive and all types in between! - circle the family calendar this September School Holidays for Bubble Magic - Pep Bou's Wonderful World of Bubbles.

This spellbinder of a show is guaranteed laughter-inducing theater from the world-renowned bubble whiz. Direct from a Europe-wide tour, the joyful two-man show combines the fleeting beauty of bubbles with clowning, ingenious lighting, colourful music and crazy costumes.

Anything and everything about bubbles fascinates the monkies so it was no surprise that all three got mightily excited (and impatient) when we took our seats before the start of the show. And as the lights began to dim and the show got on its way, I stole a few glances at the monkies.

Their faces were elation personified, as wave upon wave of bubbles bombard the cosy Jubilee Hall at Raffles Hotel. It was an almost-full house and the small people are reaching out with their tiny hands, in an imaginary attempt to catch and/or burst those enchanting transparent spheres.

I then look around: The kids were not the only ones taken in by the bubbles. Dads, mums, granddads, grandmas have fallen under the spell of bubble magic. The air is filled with woahs, oohs, and infectious laughter. I laugh along with them, as I realise I am just as smitten as everyone else.

The two turn everyday elements into a magical, wonder-filled world. They compete, collaborate and surprise, with fishbowl bubbles, animal bubbles, sliding bubbles on a giant elastic band, puppet bubbles and even a train inside a bubble tunnel!

Truth is, the entire show's bubble theatrics were nothing overly spectacular but the duo were masters of silent communication and clownsmanship - evoking guffaws of laughter and rapturous applause by combining their bubble demonstrations with a plethora of gags and pure slapstick comedy.

And every kid in the audience lapped it all up. Even this adult too.

Who knew there could be so much joy in a roomful of soap?

Useful Information

Bubble Magic - Pep Bou's Wonderful World of Bubbles
Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
10 - 14 Sep 2014; 11am & 1.30pm
Duration: 70 minutes
S$85, S$70 (excludes booking fee)
For tickets, visit HERE.

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