Sep 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch: Stylish, Comfy & Fun Clothes for Kids

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Whenever we holiday in Australia, there is one shop that the wifey and I never fail to make a beeline for - Pumpkin Patch. Because quite simply, we love the kids' clothes from Pumpkin Patch! They really make children's clothes that are fun, well-designed, comfortable and of a very good quality.

And the reason why we only buy Pumpkin Patch clothes in Aussie land? It's because the clothes there are so much cheaper than in Singapore. Or so we thought.

Pumpkin Patch Singapore had approached us for a collaboration and sent us down to its VivoCity branch to pick out some outfits for the monkies from its new collection. I must admit, this had got to be one of the rare moments I stepped foot into a Pumpkin Patch store in Singapore because you know, I had the impression that the clothes' prices were too high for my liking.

I would be proven wrong later but first, it was difficult not to fall in love with the gorgeous apparel that were on display... especially in the girls' section.

Titled 'Bohemian Emersion', the new collection evoked feelings of the whimsical kind. It was also unexpected to see the colour of the clothes steer away from the usual touch of pink, but dabbling in a mix of lilac, white and blue instead. Yes BLUE, for a girl. So refreshing indeed.

For the boys, expect them to get all excited about the 'Gotham City' range where a host of Superhero-inspired outfits litter the clothing racks. You can view more of the range in Pumpkin Patch Singapore's Facebook albums HERE and HERE.

And please, don't even get me started on the footwear. The choices are mind-boggling... and these are just for the boys!

As for the monkies, they were only waiting for me to give the cue to pick out something that they fancied... and to be the ultimate models for my camera of course.

Ash had picked out a green long-sleeved shirt and paired it with a tee beneath it. I got him to try on a pair of faded jeans as well, since he is already growing out of his existing jeans. Not too shabby, no?

If there is one thing that surprised me, it will be that of the price of the jeans which is $49.90. Considering that the material was so soft and comfortable, I seriously thought that it would be retailing for a far higher price!

Not to be outdone, Ayd and Ale too picked out something as well.

How's that for ultra cool? While we declined Ayd's pleas to get the biker jacket, the tee ($29.90) and jeans ($39.90) went into our shopping basket. Admittedly, the tee is on the pricey side but the quality is really superb - it is soft, easy to wear and doesn't feel hot while wearing it - as the boys would attest to.

As for Ale, the wifey dressed her up in this long-sleeve top and flowery skirt.

I love how the colour and design of the skirt complemented Ale and as the photo below would prove, she has become a natural when modelling for clothes as well.

LOL. Don't ask me where she got her poser genes from. I absolutely have no clue either. But what I do know is that the dress ($49.90) looks great on her! It is super pretty, very lightweight and is perfect for the weather in Singapore.

And speaking of the weather, how's this for a trip to the beach?

Already loving the tee, Ash adored the soft berms even more. And this is saying a lot, as he can be quite the fusspot when it comes to donning berms. For me though, I knew I wanted to get the slip-on sandals ($33.90) for him the moment I saw it!

And when the monkies were done with their modelling gigs, having activity tables in stores to keep them busy while we continued to shop away are always a huge plus.

I already knew that Pumpkin Patch clothes are not only well-designed, but of a great quality too. But what I did not know was that the clothes' prices were actually rather affordable and not as expensive as I had previously thought.

And there is no better time to stock up on those Pumpkin Patch clothes than NOW.... because Pumpkin Patch Singapore is celebrating its 8th Birthday by giving a 20% discount off with a minimum of $120 spending (Pumpkin Patch members need only spend $100)! That meant that Ash's jeans and Ale's dress cost only $39.90 each!

But hurry, the promotion ends this Sunday, 21 September 2014!

Keep updated with the latest news and promotions from Pumpkin Patch Singapore by following them on Facebook HERE.

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