Sep 18, 2014

Picture Perfect Moments, Professionally Done

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Am I the only parent who feels that my kids are growing up way too fast for my liking? It seemed like only yesterday that Ash first called me 'Papa', Ayd started walking (and falling) and Ale's hair started growing longer. So what better way to capture these fleeting moments of innocence and playfulness (before they morph into angsty teenagers) than with a fun photo shoot with the entire cheekiemonkie family!

But if you are a parent of young children, you should also know that whether a photo shoot with the family is deemed a success is highly dependent on the kids' moods as well. On a bad day, they can be some of the crankiest creatures on this planet while on a good day, every shot can be a gem.

Of course, a good photographer with an innate ability to coax the best facial expressions out of the kids is paramount too. And in Yan of KIDS PICTURES Professional Photography, I think we found one.

See what I mean?

But I needn't be surprised. After all, KIDS PICTURES Professional Photography has been in the photography business for the past 14 years and has established itself as one of the top family photography studios in Singapore by specialising in photography for newborns, infants, kids and families. Recently, it was welcomed into the LiveStudios Interactive Photography family.

And Yan's vast experience in dealing with children clearly showed.

Ask any parent and he/she will tell you one of the most child-related activity that is extremely harzardous to one's health is to ask your own kids to look at the camera, AND smile. Yes, close to puking blood.

But with Yan, she deftly instructed the monkies to pose and smile on demand... and I was just glad to leave the work to her.

Initially, I was skeptical when I found out that the duration of our photo shoot was 30 minutes. How many great shots can be captured, especially with hyper monkies like mine bouncing off walls and being distracted enough NOT to look at the camera on cue?

But as things turned out, my worry was unfounded.

A 30-minute session was just about the optimal time to keep the monkies interested and focused. And it sure helped that Yan and her team were extremely clear in their execution of the various poses that they wanted to capture, and everything moved along like clockwork.

Before we knew it, our session was up... and with it, my fave photo of the lot.

Unbelievably, the monkies were still game for more shots as they had in fact brought along their fave toys to the studio. And Yan and her team were only too happy to oblige.

Choosing our photos after the shoot was a breeze too, with the selection of our photos done from a huge LCD Television in the studio a few weeks later... and our job was made even tougher by virtue of so many beautiful shots to choose from!

Family-friendly studio, patient and professional photographers who are great with kids and fantastic shots of the family - what's not to love about KIDS PICTURES Professional Photography?

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