Sep 20, 2014


Many, many years ago in a land far, far away - well, in Singapore actually - a baby boy was born on this day.

Since then, 38 years have passed but to be honest, I don’t feel much older.

Okay, so my leg is a little sorer and my gut is a bit wider. But I’m working on that! This year, I plan to lose some weight. But first, there’s cake. There is always cake, right?

I'm looking forward to spending the whole day with the family. I can’t believe I have been a Dad for more than 9 years already. It still seems like yesterday when my wife and I left the hospital with one little monkie, sat on the sofa at home, stared at each other and went, “Okaaay, now what do we do?”

To Ash, Ayd and Ale, you are the three fantastic monkies in the universe. I don’t know for sure what lies beyond our cosmic borders, but you three are probably way better than any alien offspring as well. You constantly make me smile and laugh (amid the driving-me-up-the-wall moments) and yet still find a way to teach me something new every day.

To the wifey, I guess I have said everything that has to be said in my post to you on your Birthday. But just to be long-winded, thanks for putting up with loving me for the past 15 years.

It has been a great 9+ years being a Dad. And a wonderful 38. I am deeply grateful and being surrounded by so much love, I can never enjoy my Birthday without every single one of you.

Happy Birthday to me!

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