Sep 22, 2014

Tim Ho Wan Singapore (Aperia Lavender)

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By now, almost everyone should be familiar with Tim Ho Wan (添好运) and its legendary dim sum. Like everyone else, one of its standout dim sum has got be the Baked Bun with BBQ Pork - that crispy sugary coated skin with its savoury char siew interior never fail to make me crave for more. The only drawback? The looooong queues!

So it is a good thing that Tim Ho Wan has been expanding rather quickly in Singapore, with its fifth branch opening at Aperia Lavender, an integrated development mall located at Kallang Avenue.

A key tradition in Tim Ho Wan's outlets here is there are always three dishes which are exclusively available at each outlet, and these dishes get rotated around every 2-3 months. So with the grand opening of its newest branch, the Tim Ho Wan at Aperia Lavender boasts three unique dishes that have the distinction of being the first to be launched here in Singapore. Make that WORLDWIDE actually, as I found out later from the Chef.

One cute dish that will sure to be a hit with the kids is the Fried Potato Flour with Apple and Diced Chicken (S$5 for 3).

A Tim Ho Wan first and nicknamed 'Dino Eggs', the crispy exterior is made of sweet potato flour and bread sugar while the interior houses a piping hot and savory concoction of apple dippers, mushrooms and chicken. Now, this is something I envision the monkies to be fighting over for!

For some reason, pork and leek always make for a lethal combination and the Pan Fried Dumplings with Leek (S$4.50 for 3) proves this point yet again.

Best eaten when it is hot, I experienced an explosion of flavours the moment I sank my teeth into one of the dumplings. And let's just say, I did not stop at one.

But as much as the previous two dishes had me purring, what really hit me in the right spot was the Crispy Seafood Rice Hor Fun (S$6.80), a new twist on the classic hor fun that we are familiar with.

Prawn roe, fresh squid and fish meat sit on a bed of crispy dried noodles and it comes accompanied with a bowl of egg-infused gravy. There are three ways to get it in your belly - have it without the gravy and enjoy the crunchiness of the hor fun, dip the hor fun into the gravy or just empty the entire bowl of gravy onto the unsuspecting hor fun.

I recommend having it using the last method as nothing beats hearing the hor fun crackle while pouring the gravy onto it, and then slurping it all up! This is what I call truly comfort food.

Remember, these three dishes are only available exclusively at Tim Ho Wan's Aperia Lavender branch. Want another reason to head down? The development is relatively new, with only a few tenants open for business so the queue there may be one of the shortest among the Tim Ho Wan outlets here. For now, that is.

Useful Information

Tim Ho Wan Aperia
Lavender Aperia, 12 Kallang Avenue #01-01/02/03
Singapore 339511
Nearest MRT Station: Lavender
Tel: 6684 2000
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am - 10pm | Weekends & PH 10am - 10pm

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Susan said...

I went there the next day after you shared that it's open and I'm glad that it's not as crowded for now. The dino egg were my daughter's favourite too and I'm going for their crispy hor fun the next time.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Susan,

Wow, that's fast! Haha... yes, try the crispy hor fun. It's my fave!

Anonymous said...

I went Aperia,around 8pm...not too long usual...nice foods & take away ...will go again if q is not too long...3 stars.

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