Oct 27, 2014

Brothers & Sister

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If Ash and Ayd had a dollar every time a stranger asks whether they are twins, their piggy banks would be clinking full of coins by now. But until now, I still cannot see the resemblance. 

Perhaps it is the way they go about doing things together that make it seem that they have been inseparable since birth. As long as Ayd has been in this world, his older brother has been beside him every inch of the way. He simply knows no other life than that with Ash. . 

Whenever Ayd needs help with something, he goes right to Ash. When Ayd hits a roadblock in constructing his LEGO sets, Ash will be the one he actively seeks for assistance. When Ash first entered Primary School, Ayd was in K2. For the first quarter of that year, Ayd was extremely susceptible to mood swings and emotional outbursts in school. When we had a talk with him, he admitted that he felt a little lost and helpless without his elder brother in Kindergarten.

Of course, as much as they are close and great playmates together, they are as different as they can be when it comes to their characters. For one, Ash is definitely the more athletic one. He loves outdoor activities, better yet if they involve lots of climbing, jumping and tumbling. He picks up sports pretty fast, and loves it best when I play wrestling with him every other time.

Ayd, on the other hand, doesn't quite possess the athletic streak like his older brother. I remember a few years back when the wifey was teaching the 2 boys how to do a forward roll on the mattress. Ash got it almost instantaneously. As for Ayd, he took a grand total of 2 nights to finally master it.

At least he had the determination to accomplish it no matter what. And this is what sets Ayd apart from Ash - resilience. Of the two, Ayd is the one who tends to follow through whatever task he is given, no matter how long it takes.

Throw their little sister into the mix though, and I think their differences almost always evaporate immediately. Yes, Ale is their common enemy who is bent on causing great disturbance and distress when she is in one of her Diva moods.

But that’s not to say they loathe her... even though I have to keep them from killing each other on some days.

I guess at the end of the day, they are a bit like those siblings from The Simpsons - Bart, Lisa and Maggie. For all the fights and squabbles that those three get into for the past 25 years - yes, The Simpsons has been on air for that long! - shared love, commitment, and connection are the most important forces holding a family together. They stick, no matter what. 

And it is these forces that make these three monkies such a joy to be with, and heartwarming to call them mine.

Even though one of them inadvertently always tries to sabotage whenever I try to snap a good photo.

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