Oct 29, 2014

Why Won't My Kid Sleep?

It didn't happen with the 2 boys but with Ale, it has become somewhat of a daily tedious routine. All because she is the undisputed queen of bedtime stalling tactics. Whether she's still bouncing off walls or genuinely tired, she still refuses to go to sleep come bedtime. So more often than not, the wifey or me ends up falling asleep on the bed before she does!

But to be honest, even though it takes a crazily long time to get through all of her delay tactics, I do have to give credit when it is due - top marks for the sheer creative excuses that she comes up with every single night. Enough excuses to even fill up a BINGO card.

So go ahead, download the BINGO card that I have created below and use it to strike off any excuse that your child comes up with when it is time for bed. Connect 5 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. 

What's the prize, you ask? How about knowing that you are not alone in this exasperating journey called Parenthood.

In case you are wondering, YES these are actual excuses that Ale had uttered when she does not want to go to bed. *wail*

So... how many can you identify with?

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zespies said...

Am in the same plight with all the same excuses! Lol

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Evonne,

So I am not the only one! Haha!

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