Jan 30, 2015

A Vacuum Job So Easy & Fun, Kids Will Be Fighting Over It!

Product Review

The Bosch Athlet Handstick Vacuum Cleaner really sucks.

Becasue above all, it is a vacuum cleaner after my own heart: it makes the monkies tussle over the job of vacuuming my house!

The Bosch Athlet is the first cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch. Boasting a SensorBagless Technology that ensures maximum dust pick-up. this cordless wonder is not only convenient to use but also powerful. All well and good, but what is it really like to use?

The packaging comes with 4 pieces in the box: main vacuum body, vacuum head, handle and charging cable. Putting everything together took mere seconds, as all of the parts easily slotted into the right place with minimal fuss.

If I were to be completely honest, my first impression of the Athlet was that there was absolutely no way this skinny vacuum would be able to replicate what my current larger vacuum does or better yet, do an even more competent job.

Well, I need not have worried because for starters, the Athlet already trumps its larger competitors with its smaller and lighter body. If flexibility is a feature that you care about, the Athlet excels in that.

At approximately three kilograms, the Athlet is a lightweight, and with its low centre of gravity and balanced ergonomics, it handles comfortably. It offers impressive versatility and handling, even for seniors and children! Just ask Ash.

Fitted with a flexible nozzle attachment, it is extremely easy to manoeuver to reach around and underneath sofas, beds, cupboards and in tight spaces. Without a cord dragging behind it, the cordless Athlet can be used just about anywhere and stored away neatly in an instant.

It comes with three suction levels which make it suitable for cleaning various surfaces. The first suction level is for light jobs while the second level is suitable for daily vacuum and the third is for turbo vacuuming.

To ensure users get superior cleaning with this vacuum cleaner, the Athlet is the first cordless handstick vacuum cleaner to boast the proven SensorBagless Technology, a well-known feature on Bosch's corded bagless vacuum cleaners. The sensors ensure excellent airflow and monitor the performance of the unit.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with Bosch's Lithium-Ion Technology, which is capable of providing power to the unit for 60 minutes depending on the setting selected. The amazing thing is we did not experience any decrease in performance for as long as the battery is active. I was impressed with the Athlet's excellent run time, as this means the monkies will be able to each have their vacuuming turn before the battery runs out!

Okay, so vacuuming is always the easy part but cleaning the filter or emptying the dust can be a pain in the butt when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Again, I was left impressed with the Athlet's quick release debris collection unit - it was so easy to us that both Ash and Ayd were able to empty the dirt container all on their own!

The Athlet's system indicates immediately when the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned. And thanks to its efficient separator system, the dust is separated even before it hits the filter. This ensures that the majority of the dust ends up in the dirt container and not in the filter, keeping the required
maintenance to a minimum. Best of all, there is no subsequent cost because the innovative lifetime filters from Bosch are washable and do not need to be replaced - for the entire lifetime of the appliance.

Frankly, I am struggling to find any fault with the Athlet. Although it is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner, it boasts the performance of a conventional vacuum cleaner and moves effortlessly from different kinds of floors and carpets without any adjustment needed. Its free-standing slim design makes it easy for storage and thus an option for people who have limited space in their homes.

Most important of all, if you are planning to outsource the cleaning to your children, the Bosch Athlet really sucks so good... like how Ash will demonstrate!

The Bosch Athlet is retailing for S$649 at all leading departmental and electrical stores island-

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James Gerber said...

Thanks for sharing this greate article.I gave this as a gift. The recipient says the Vacuum Cleaner is great! Good suction and the pivot works nicely. The weight and configuration are excellent. All in all, it is a much better vac than she thought it would be.
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