Feb 2, 2015

FINAL CALL: The Great Cheekiemonkie 10th Anniversary Giveaway

50 Sponsors, 55 Giveaways and 130 Winners later, this is it.

We have come to the final day of our 10th Anniversary Giveaway. What started out as an ambitious project became an extremely successful one which have seen such a tremendous support that it had to be extended for another 2 days in February.

And it all has to do with you, my dear readers.

Thanks to your fantastic support - all the commenting, liking, sharing and tagging - the giveaways had been a resounding success.

Truth be told, it was no easy task coordinating everything. The emails to sponsors started in November last year, and some continued right up to January. Every morning in January, I had to consciously update the day's giveaway on the blog and on Facebook. Then I had to consolidate the entries for the various giveaways, pick the winners randomly, churn out the winners' list, contact the sponsors regarding the winners and then the cycle repeats again..

Definitely tiring stuff... but worth every ounce of effort.

Of course, I would love to give every one of you something in return for your participation but that is not possible. If you have won something, congratulations. If you have not, fret not as there are more giveaways in the coming months.

For now though, there is still the task of launching the FINAL giveaway.

So here is DAY 33's Giveaway.

WINNER: Fang Wenli

Make no mistake, Montigo Resorts Nongsa is THE place to head to with the kids for a luxurious and fun-filled getaway. The resort is Batam’s first 5-star all-villa resort with villas dotting the coastal shoreline offering unobstructed magnificent views of the South China Sea. Not only do the villas come with three floors of living space, each one boasts a private kick-ass infinity pool - right outside the living room. And the monkies? They loved the Kid's Club, a 2-storey haven for kids which houses game consoles, toys, books, board games including three tube slides and one ball pit. Don't believe? Read all the fun (and havoc) they created HERE.

So was it any wonder that the monkies asked if we could keep the prize for ourselves when they found out that it is a One-night Stay in a Montigo Hillside Pool Villa! Yes, you get to enjoy your very own infinity pool in your villa!

The villa is valid for Weekday stay only and comes with breakfast for four persons. It includes Complimentary return ground transfer between Montigo and Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

*Do note that return Ferry Tickets to Nongsapura from Singapore are NOT included.

To take part, simply follow the following steps:

1. LIKE Montigo Resorts Nongsa's Facebook page HERE.

2. Email me at contest@cheekiemonkie.net with the following details:
Facebook Name:
Answer: What is the FULL NAME of the Kid's Club in Montigo Resorts Nongsa?
*HINT: Answer can be found HERE.

3. Leave a comment in this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE to let me know once you have completed the 2 steps above.

Important: You have to complete all three steps in order to be eligible for the draw. 

Follow us and Montigo Resorts Nongsa (@montigoresortsnongsa) on Instagram AND re-post the image above on Instagram to double your chances! Remember to tag us (@cheekiemonkies) and set your profile to public so that we can see the image.

*Giveaway will end on 6 February 2015, 2359 hours.


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Aidah said...

Hi! Have emailed u the answer


Missus Tay said...

Emailed and reposted!

Hazel Ong said...

Both emailed and reposted on Instagram. Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hi, done all steps for the last and final giveaway :)
Facebook name: Tan Eunice

Eunice Tan

Audrey Eng said...

Hi! Had email to u and had liked/repost on Instagram!! Happy 10th Anniversary!!

Winifred said...

Completed the 2 steps, and re-posted on Instagram!

Facebook name: Winifred Goh
Instagram name: wini_kj

Thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, I emailed you the answer:)
Lyn Teo

Adeline Swee said...

Hi, have emailed the answer.

Thank you.

Adeline Swee

Unknown said...

Hi, have liked the facebook and emailed you. thanks.
Cindy Ong

Anonymous said...

Hi, have emailed for the contest n liked the fb. Cheers, sheen yee

Anonymous said...

Hello! Have emailed you with my answer. Thanks!! - Tashya

Tashya said...

Hello have mailed u my answer ! - tashya

Joanna Thian said...

Emailed, liked and hoping!!

Evelyn Shao said...

Hi, Kelvin,
I have liked and emailed. Thank you for sharing!

Andrea said...


Emailed in!!

Unknown said...

Done! :D Thanks for the awesome giveaway!~
Hong Cher

Unknown said...

Done! Thanks for the giveaway~

Sweetheart Rachael said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelvin
Happy anniversary! Have completed the 2 steps. Thanks for organizing the giveaways! - Alinna Chan

Shi min said...

Have emailed, thanks for the giveaway ! - Shi min

Ben Koh said...

done! thank you! - Ben Koh

Winnie Lam said...

Done, thanks!

korun said...

Sent you email, commented on Facebook, posted on Instagram, and now commenting here!!
Me and my family likes to go there! Perfect for the four of us! Papa, mama, me (only child), and my boyfriend! <3

Thank you!

Marddyana Kamis said...

Done, thank you! :)

LaiYee~Lilo said...

Thanks for your kind generous giveaway!

Anonymous said...

hi kevin
Done! =)

Siew Fen said...

Mission completed

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