Jan 21, 2015

Ordering of Chinese New Year Hampers Made Easy


Barely a few weeks after welcoming 2015, the whole town is decked in red once again in anticipation usher in the Year of the Goat! When I was young, I loved whenever Chinese New Year (CNY) rolled along. Of course the collection of ang pows was my fave to-do activity but the other thing I loved doing was unwrapping the hampers that my Dad received from his business associates or friends.

Because unwrapping a hamper is just like unwrapping a Christmas present, but only with yummy goodies like pineapple tarts, cookies and love letters! So I guess Ale must have inherited my love for unwrapping CNY hampers then, upon receiving one such hamper from Wonderful Flora.

Wonderful Flora has been in the business of flowers and gifts for over 27 years, offering reliable and personalised services to its customers. Headquartered in Singapore, Wonderful Flora has over 1,000 products under its collection and delivers flowers, gifts and hampers for all occasions including international flower delivery to more than 25 countries through its network of affiliated florists worldwide.

Which is great news, considering how busy we tend to get as the first day of Chinese New Year beckons. Spring-cleaning, shopping for new clothes, buying CNY goodies - all these definitely take up a lot of time so if you have the added to-do item to send CNY hampers to your clients or friends, Wonderful Floral allows you the convenience of shopping for gift hampers during festive season with a few clicks of the mouse.

For starters, Wonderful Flora has a huge array of CNY hampers to suit every budget (from $68 and up). Oh, and did I mention there is no GST charged and free delivery in Singapore is offered for all purchases? I zoomed in on the Superior CNY Hamper ($88) and, chose my delivery date and time.

With that, the hamper was added into my shopping cart. And that was about it really. Simple to use, and definitely hassle-free.

Come check-out, it was a breeze too as it is not mandatory to create an account with Wonderful Flora.

I just had to enter the sender's and recipient's information and I - or rather, the hamper - was good to go!

And when the hamper was promptly delivered to my place, it should not be difficult to guess who was the one who could not resist making a beeline to the hamper and urging me to unravel the packaging immediately.

The Diva, of course.

You know how some hampers are often packed with many and many layers of sticky tape, making it an arduous chore to free the items in the hamper? Our hamper was not like that at all. In fact, every item was so neatly packed with minimum tape that Ale could unwrap the hamper on her own!

The hamper came packed with the following goodies:

Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar & White Fungus 70ml x 2
Dragon King American Ginseng Slice 10g
NPH Shrimp Roll 80g
NPH Chicken Floss 100g
Sweet Ching Teng 128g
Kjeldsens Chocolate Chip Cookies 50g
Korean Red Ginseng Candy 60g

And among them, Ale had to pick out the Chocolate Chip Cookies as her fave!

Well, I suppose that means the wifey and I will get to enjoy the Bird's Nest and other good stuff then. Heh.

The products in the hamper were exactly like what were depicted in the photo on its website but the best surprise I had was how it was ridiculously easy to browse and place my order on Wonderful Flora's website, saving much needed time in the process.

And with CNY less than a month away, time and convenience is what we all could do with.

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