Jan 12, 2015

When Time Passes By Too Fast

As if I needed any reminders that my eldest monkie is growing up way too fast, he did just that last week. Just a few days after turning 10 years old.

Ash came home from school last week waving a piece of paper in front of me. I took a look at it and realised it was for after-school remedial lessons for Mandarin. Okay, granted that Mandarin isn't his strongest subject but the wifey and I knew his standard was just about average. So I was rather surprised that he was identified as one of the weaker students who required remedial lessons.

Or so I thought.

Ash revealed that he actually volunteered to attend the remedial lessons because he knew that Mandarin was his weakest subject and that he really wanted to do well in it.


How's that for a personal desire to do well? Frankly, I could never have imagined myself doing that when I was in Primary School.

To top everything off, Ash also announced that he was chosen to be the Class Monitor of his class. Not by the teacher, but by his classmates.

Yet again, he volunteered to be considered for the post. Together with the rest of the students who had volunteered, they were put through a voting process among the class and he was the chosen one. The wifey, for one, was both impressed and surprised that he even volunteered in the first place - something she admitted she would never ever do.

Yes this is my son, but no longer is he my baby boy.

These two episodes reminded me of just how fast these treasures we have been given as parents grow up, and the need we have to cherish each moment with them now.

Because life is now taking my monkies down diverse paths, and they are definitely more than ready for the new adventures.

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