Mar 3, 2015

Grow Greatness with F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk & Win a Staycation!


Have you ever wondered how many forests are destroyed due to illegal logging? 


So in a bid to save the forests and be more ecologically responsible, F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk is switching its packaging to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cartons.

Hang on, what's FSC-certified cartons you ask? 

Simply put, it is a certification that ensures the packaging used in F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees replace the ones that are harvested, either planted or naturally regenerated. What this also means is that choosing FSC–certified cartons supports the conservation of forests and wildlife and help people lead better lives.

But that is not all - we can also do our part to conserve the Earth by recycling the F&N MAGNOLIA FSC Fresh Milk cartons as planters for growing our very own urban greeneries at home! Getting started is so ridiculously easy that the monkies wanted to grow their tiny garden all by themselves.

Thanks to F&N MAGNOLIA, we were sent some Starter Kits which came complete with a jiffy pellet (soil) and plant seeds to start the Grow Greatness movement.

After cutting the milk carton in half, we placed the jiffy pellet into the planter box, added 50ml of water and within 10 minutes, it expanded to a height of 50mm! I think the monkies were pretty amazed by its transformation!

Ale then had the honour of placing the seeds onto the surface of the soil.

And that was about it, really. All that was needed was regular watering and a dose of patience.

Over the next few days, the monkies paid the seeds so much attention that I was starting to get jealous. They never once forgot to check on them, water when necessary and Ale even cajoled them into speeding up the growing process.

Well, they must have did something right because, this pretty sight greeted them as the days progressed.

In fact, they had grown so much that we had to transfer the young plants into a bigger pot!

Every kid should know where his/her food comes from, and have at least a basic knowledge of how to plant and nurture a seed to its tasty fruition. PLUS the fact that all of us have a role to play in caring for Mother Nature and cultivating the habit of being ecologically responsible in our future generations.

So not only does the Growing Greatness movement invites families to care for the environment in a fun and interactive manner and support FSC™-certified products at the same time, parents can recycle the new F&N MAGNOLIA FSC Fresh Milk cartons as plant pots for their kids to start an urban garden at home - and bond over a meaningful project in the process.

As an added treat, how about winning a 3D2N stay at Siloso Beach Resort for the family?

Simply take photos of your Grow Greatness plant grown in F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk cartons and upload them on Instagram with hashtags #fnnmagnolia, #magnoliafsc and #growgreatnessSG. THREE lucky winners will each win a 3D2N stay at eco-friendly Siloso Beach Resort! For more information, please visit F&N MAGNOLIA Facebook page at

So... how's this for a superb FOUR-in-ONE: Pledge to protect the environment, create your very own urban garden, get a chance to win a staycation at Sentosa AND enjoy that delicious, smooth and creamy taste of F&N MAGNOLIA fresh milk - simply by choosing F&N MAGNOLIA FSC™-certified Fresh Milk cartons!

F&N MAGNOLIA retails at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets. Visit for more details on the full range of wholesome dairy goodness from F&N MAGNOLIA. 

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