Mar 13, 2015

Letting Kids be the Stars of their own Books and Videos


When it comes to learning for young kiddos, nothing beats personalization. Especially when the child sees himself or herself the star in a storybook or music video, the engagement tends to be much more,

Newly launched by Kloneworld, the free-to-download app features Toozo Town, a virtual world where kids can see their avatars come to life in a wide range of music videos and e-books.

Somehow, the idea of customization never fails to appeal to kids or in my case, Ale who wasted no time in hogging my smartphone to create her own avatar (or Klone).

Putting oneself into the storybooks or videos is easy and all it takes is to upload a photograph of your child through the app. Set-up is relatively fuss-free but there is an important criteria of the uploaded mugshot: Keep the mouth closed, and face neutral to avoid without any prominent expressions. Yes, no pouting, smiling or any other monkie faces your child is capable of.

There is a very good reason for that. You see, Kloneworld's unique face capture technology is able to create several expressions from just one simple mugshot!

And even though it was conceived as an offering for kids, Kloneworld is not just for them. Parents are also welcome to upload their facial photos, and join in the fun together as well.

Once the photos are done and dusted, the real fun begins. There are quite a number of e-books to choose from and creating a personalised one is a breeze. All the monkies had to do was to select the book and photo, and wait for the e-book to be ready.

Ta-dah! Just like that, Ayd had become the star of his own story!

The great thing about making your children a character in a particular story is they will be less likely to forget the story if they see themselves in the e-books.

The same goes for the music videos, which is so easy to create that I suspect that Ale will be able to do it with her eyes closed.

Remember what I said about parents joining in the fun as well? There are some e-books and music videos that allow for photos of both parent and child to be uploaded, and star in the same story or video together!

It turned out that my participation was short-lived, as Ayd was clamouring to create his own customised story (and video) with his sister.

I had the opportunity to meet the creators of Kloneworld, and they told me that everything is based on the premise that children should have access to a safe and fun platform for learning and entertainment, especially in today’s world when violent and unsuitable content is just a few clicks away. Hence, cue the birth of Toozo Town and its cute inhabitants.

And judging from the monkies' response, I would say it is a hit with them!

And for kids who wish to have something more physical to interact with, the e-books that have been created in the app can be ordered, printed and delivered to them with a click of a button! 

Okay, maybe not in such a huge way but you get the idea.

I would have to say the monkies enjoy the app greatly. Ale especially, loved seeing her photo in the books and videos, and has asked me and the wifey to sit with her to read and watch several times. I think it is because she thinks she looks so darn cute in the app!

On a more serious note, I like that there is an educational aspect to the app – educational is always good! And having books and videos that can be personalised can play a big part in this education. Best of all, the app is FREE* to download! Download it HERE.

PLUS, Kloneworld will be setting up a booth (No. E22) at SmartKids Asia 2015  from 20 to 22 Mar 2015 (11am - 9pm) at Singapore Expo, Hall 5. Visit the booth to receive an animated movie starring your child COMPLETELY FREE!

*The app is free to download, but has some paid content. However, products can also be redeemed by koins. Everyone starts off with 1,000 koins, and you can invite friends to the app and get koins for free.

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