Mar 15, 2015

Smelling Like Flowers


Remember the stubborn stains inside the collar of school uniforms? Well, after doing laundry ever since my monkies came along, I can assure you the stains are not exclusive to the collars anymore - they are throughout every piece of clothing.  Even after washing, some detergents are still unable to remove the sebum and sweat stains especially those trapped deep within the fabric fibre of your clothes, and build up over time.

Can you imagine how much of that builds up for a family of five in one week's worth of laundry? I shudder at the thought of that because to be honest, I moan at the thought of doing the laundry especially when kids are in the picture.

When the monkies were much younger, they regurgitated their food and milk pretty much whenever they wanted and pooped, well, pretty much all the time too. Laundry time meant grabbing bundles of clothes, dumping them into the washing machine and popping detergent in for a spin. It was then followed by MORE washing cycles of the washed laundry simply because one washing cycle is never enough - which on its own is rather bearable. 

My only bugbear? The wifey and I usually have to do our laundry at night due to work and having to dry our clothes indoors meant a perpetual musty smell lingering on our clothes all the time. And don't even get me started on doing our laundry on rainy days. Definitely not cool at all.

So when Attack, the laundry detergent brand from Japan, sent me their latest Concentrated Liquid Detergent range which promised a lingering aromatic fresh scent on the clothes from wash to wear, I was definitely game to test it out.

The new range now comes in bigger volume with a vibrant new look and boasts three types of benefits for every family's different needs: Superb Clean, Long Lasting Fragrance and Plus Softener.

The Long Lasting Fragrance range comes with a choice of either refreshing floral or fruity scent and as its name implies, the first thing that struck us when we opened those bottles was its fragrance!

Well, it turned out that I was not the only one who was all excited to try out the new detergent range.

Ale was so smitten with both the refreshing floral and fruity scent ones that she insisted on helping out with the laundry immediately.

It was an offer I could not refuse.

The great thing about Attack Concentrated Liquid Detergent is its formula penetrates quickly and deeply into fabric fibres even on areas like collars and cuffs to get rid of sebum stains. As an added bonus - and this to me, was simply what nailed it for me - its deodorizing anti-bacterial formula kills all germs and removes unpleasant odours such as food smells and musty smells even for indoor dried clothes!

Yes, Ale was so proud in helping out with the laundry washing that she had no qualms smelling my previously-smelly-now-turned-fragrant army uniform during my reservist period.

And I have to agree - not only were the clothes clean and stain free after one wash, they really smelled heavenly, especially with the Refreshing Floral variant. Even Ayd could not resist taking a whiff of his newly-laundered sock!

You know how kids absolutely stink after one full day in school? I see lots of parents nodding their heads in unison. Somehow, that irritating perspiration smell on their school uniforms never seem to go away completely after one wash.

But after a week of using Attack's Refreshing Floral detergent, those nasty smells are a thing of the past. Apart from going to school or playing outdoors smelling like flowers, the anti-bacterial properties exterminate all germs too - which made the monkies dub the detergent as the miracle liquid.

Besides the Long Lasting Fragrance range, take your pick from either the Superb Clean or Plus Softener variants. The former is a basic detergent with impressive cleaning power and is specially formulated for all dimensional cleaning, eliminating all dirt and stains for a complete clean wash. If you hate the hassle of having to add additional softener to your laundry load, then the Attack Plus Softener, a 2-in-1 detergent is your solution. Innovatively formulated with fabric softener to keep your clothes clean, soft and smooth in just one step, it also contains Fibre Smoothing Essence which reduces wrinkles on clothes after drying to facilitate easy ironing. 

For us, we are going to stick with the Long Lasting Fragrance range, thanks to its long lasting scent of Attack Perfume from opening of the bottle, to washing, drying and wearing the clothes. To put it in the words of Ale, all of us "now smell SOOOO nice!!!"

With the advanced 3D Clean Action of the Attack Concentrated Liquid Detergent range, having fresh and clean clothes are no longer tedious affairs. And the bonus of it all? The washing is so effortless and fuss-free that the  kids are fighting over to do the laundry!

I can definitely get used to this.

Want to enjoy lingering aromatic scents on your family's clothes? 

Grab the bottles at a promotional price offer of $9.95 (U.P. $12.80) each from now until 31 March 2015! Better yet, spend $12 on Attack Laundry Detergent products and stand a chance to win Attack Hampers worth $50. There are 50 hampers to be won! Terms and Conditions apply and do visit HERE to take part and for more information.

Attack Concentrated Liquid Detergent range is available in 3.6/4kg bottles ($12.80) and 1.4kg refill packs ($4.85), and retailing at leading hypermarkets and supermarkets.

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