Apr 21, 2015

20 Fun Activities for Families at Telunas Resorts

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If you had read my first post on Telunas Resorts, you would know that the entire property is devoid of WiFi, televisions and air-conditioning.

Yes, electronic gadgets are kept to the bare minimum at the resort so when we first set foot on Telunas Private Island, I could probably be forgiven for thinking - how on earth do I keep the monkies occupied for our 4D3N stay???

Well, turned out that there were so many different activities to keep them (and the wifey & me) happy and busy that checking out on the final day was an emotional affair.

These were what we got up to:

1. Laze on Telunas Private Island Beach

The beach at Telunas Private Island is truly made for lazing the day away. But it is not exactly made for dipping in the sea though, due to the numerous rocks and some corals that dot the coastline - especially during low tides.

If you really have the urge to wade in the sea, wait until high tide. With only 15 villas on the island, the beach felt like our exclusive paradise throughout our stay.

2. Catch Hermit Crabs & Prawns on the Beach

Although the rocky shoreline may not be conducive for swimming, it is home to a host of marine life - which the monkies were bent on spotting, like these cute mudskippers swimming amongst the mangrove roots.

Come low tide, the monkies also indulged in one of their favourite beach holiday activities.

Catching tiny crabs! The beach is teeming with so many tiny crabs and hermit crabs that it is impossible NOT to be able to spot them.

And if you look carefully enough, you may just end up snagging a prized catch - just like Ayd did.

A prawn, that's what! It was to remain the sole prawn that we managed to catch during our stay.

3. Splash in the Infinity Pool

After a day at the beach, the freshwater infinity pool at Telunas Private Island was just the perfect complement for us to enjoy some swimming or lounge blissfully by the water's edge.

Hardly surprising that the monkies found themselves in the pool every single day then?

4. Go Kayaking & Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Kayaks and Paddle Boards available for rent at Telunas Private Island, and they are free to use for all Private Island guests!

We only tried kayaking along the Telunas Private Island coast but if you are feeling adventurous, you can kayak or paddle your way over to Telunas Beach Resort which lies directly opposite.

5. Fish from the Comfort of your Private Balcony

One of the activities that the monkies did for the first time in their lives was fishing. But it was not the normal fishing that called for the use of a rod. Rather, it was traditional fishing at its rustic best with only a spool of fishing line and hook.

And because the villas were built over the sea, we were able to do our fishing business from our private balcony. The result?

The boys managed to snag a fish each on their first try! Yes, totally beginner's luck if you ask me. But as if to prove me wrong, the boys went on to claim a bounty of 5 fishes by the time our stay ended. Not too shabby at all!

6. Stroll along the Nature Path

Telunas Private Island is pretty small so guests will be able to experience nature as they take an easy 2.8km stroll to the top of the Private Island and back.

7. Soak in the Sunrise & Sunset views

One of the beautiful sights - or make that two - that Telunas Resorts did NOT create is the spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Guests will be able to catch the sunrise from the balcony, and I made sure I did not miss any single one of them.

We caught the sunset views usually from the beach front - as the monkies went about their never-ending crusade of unearthing more hermit crabs.

8. Gather around a Bonfire

On certain nights, resort staff will light up a huge camp fire near the beach. Resort guests will be able to huddle around and more importantly, roast marshmallows!

9. Star Gazing

The resort has an Orion 130ST telescope onsite so budding astronomers will be able to gaze through it and gawk at numerous stars that light up the night sky.

10. Go Dock and Tower Jumping

If you have been following our Facebook page, then this needs no introduction. I guess there isn't any need to tell you that this was the boys' fave activity at Telunas too.

Dock jumping is relatively straightforward - just launch yourself into the open sea from the dock at Telunas Private Island.

And while the concept is easy, the execution is not - primarily due to overcoming the metal fear of jumping into the sea. But once the monkies made that first leap, there was no stopping them.

In short, they were HOOKED!

The high waters at the dock area makes it suitable for jumps during low AND high tides. But if you do not want to plummet for too long a distance, then go leap during high tide as the water level will be higher.

But if you thought jumping off the dock was easy peasy, the boys really topped it all by flinging themselves off at a 5-metre tall tower at Telunas Beach Resort!

Sometimes I really wonder where they got their guts from.

Even for the wifey who was initially apprehensive, managed to muster enough courage to leap off the dock.

Well, actually it was all thanks to Ale who wanted to jump too. Cannot lose face, right?

11. Play Lounge Activities

The play area at the main lounge building stocks various playthings like balls, rocking horses and wooden toys. The set-up may be modest, but the area is located right next to the dining hall so kids will be able to keep themselves occupied a while longer as parents dine in peace.

12. Rent Board Games

There are a fair number of board games that are available for free rental. When was the last time you sat down with your kids for a round of board games? For me, it had been far too long so I guess I really have to thank the absence of WiFi for that.

13. Play along the Beach at Telunas Beach Resort

While the beach at Telunas Private Island is not made for dipping, the beach at Telunas Beach Resort is exactly the opposite.

The waves are gentle, the sand is smoother and the seabed is free of rocks and corals. In short, it is perfect if you are a stickler for family-friendly beaches.

Telunas Beach Resort is just a 5-minute boat ride - there are shuttle boat services throughout the day - from Telunas Private Island.

14. Play Beach Sports

What's a beach holiday without some sporting activities on the beach?

Take your pick from beach volleyball, sand pitch soccer, or even sepak takraw!

15. Conquer the Low Ropes Course

Another highlight of our Telunas stay was the Low Ropes Course, otherwise known as the Rope Obstacle Course.

Located at Telunas Beach Resort, the Low Ropes Course is situated within the forest and took us about 15 minutes to trek to. But as the monkies will tell you, the trek was entirely worth the effort.

Made up of a series of suspended rope obstacles a meter above ground, the course saw the monkies tackling the rope obstacles with full vigour and determination. Even Ale, who valiantly attempted all even though her legs were still a tad short for some of the obstacles.

16. Go on a Jungle-Waterfall Trek

We did not mange to do this activity as it clashed with our visit to the village school. But I was told that the trek takes approximately 1.5 hours and leaping off the waterfall will be one of the highlights.

17. Mangrove River Tour

Guests will be able to explore a mangrove river and try spotting wildlife while on a wooden long boat. Again, we had to pass on this activity due to a lack of time.

18. Visit a Nearby Village

Visits to nearby villages may be organised from time to time, where guest will be offered a glimpse of life in the villages. Do note that visitors will have to be dressed appropriately, with shoulders and legs fully covered.

19. Cooking Demo

Depending on the schedule, guests can also experience the delight of learning how to prepare local Indonesian meals from scratch.

20. Doing Absolutely Nothing

But perhaps, the greatest activity of all at Telunas Resorts is the simplest: doing nothing. Because nothing beats lying blissfully in a hammock or on a deck chair!

So there you have it, 20 amazing activities to while away your time at Telunas Resorts and even then, we did not manage to complete all of them.

And in case you are deciding between Telunas Private Island and Telunas Beach Resort, here are a few pointers:

Telunas Private Island VS Telunas Beach Resort

As I mentioned earlier, the 2 resorts are directly opposite one another and are a 5-minute boat ride away. I cannot really comment on the accommodation options of Telunas Beach Resort as I have not seen them for myself. But looking at photos online and based on the pricier villas at the Private Island, I think it is safe to say that Telunas Private Island offers the more luxurious accommodation of the two.

And even though the Private Island is pricier, the important thing to note is all of the activities that I had listed above are FREE for guests of Telunas Private Island. Guests at Telunas Beach Resort will have to pay for some of the activities, even for the rental of kayaks.

In addition, guests at the Private Island are free to use the facilities at Telunas Beach Resort but Beach Resort guests will not be able to head to the Private Island.

Personally, I cannot recommend Telunas Private Island enough – but only if you are into nature, rustic living and prepared to detach yourself from city life for a couple of days. If you are, then this place is truly a paradise for parents and kids to bond without any distractions.

P.S. Still reading after such a long post? Thank you! I shall leave you with a tip then - if you are in desperate need for internet connection, you can purchase a data SIM card from the resort for S$10. I can't really recall the data limit - I think it was less than 1GB - but the network speed on the island was so awfully slow that I did not breach the limit.

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KH said...

Hi Kelvin, I'm thinking of bringing my 3 boys to the Tenulas Island this June holidays. I am just wondering if a 3 year old would be able to withstand the 1.5hr domestic ferry ride. Another question, how's the situation with the mosquitos?

Looking forward to your advise and reply. Thank you.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi KH,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

When we went last year, my girl was 4 years old. She slept more than half of the journey.

Not a lot of mosquitoes but my daughter did get bitten one on the arm and it swelled pretty big. so it's better to bring insect repellent. Hope it helps!

KH said...

Thank you so much for your reply. After reading your post, I'm so excited to bring the family there. It looks so fun and am looking forward to making the trip.

Thanks again for all the tips. I truly enjoy reading your blog ;)

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