Apr 22, 2015

A Load Off My Shoulders with OSIM U-Magic


Just what is it about being a parent that makes it so exhausting?

Sure, having a kid (or three) running about in the house, out on the streets or along the aisles in a supermarket is physically tiring. Carrying them when they are napping while outside, or out of a store when they are crazily flapping their limbs and wailing away is definitely energy-sapping.

Sure, having a kid (or three) squirming in their seat and screaming their heads off in a crowded restaurant is mentally tiring too. Worrying about whether they have enough nutrients, or watching too much TV definitely drains the brain as well.

But I think I have finally figured the one thing that makes me ever so tired: there is simply no time for me to recover.

I wake up early in the morning to prepare the boys for school, go to work, head back home, revise school work with the boys, play with them for a little while, tuck them in bed... and guess what, the entire cycle repeats again!

Because when you have kids, you do not get a day off.

But don't get me wrong, I love my monkies to bits. It's just that I wish for something - or anything - that would make this job of parenting a little easier... and I think I might have just found it in the form of OSIM uMagic!

If there is only one aspect about OSIM's latest massage chair that you need to know, it will have to be it is the Neck & Shoulders Expert that offers the perfect solution to ease those tight and tense head and shoulder areas. Featuring the world's first Magic Hands massage technology, the patented Hand-Grip massage mimics an actual masseur's hands with finger pressure and grip to relieve aching neck and shoulders.

Okay I have to admit that when I first heard the claims, I was initially sceptical. But there was no better way to verify the claims than to give it a try myself. And so I did.

The OSIM uMagic comes loaded with a suite of lifestyle massage programs for everyone in the family but the 2 programs that stood out for me were the Magic Moments and Shoulders Delight.

The signature showcase of uMagic's massage mastery, the Magic Moments program focuses on the neck and shoulders, and features a revolutionary hand-grip massage technique that is most lifelike. It is adept at relieving the most common pain points (of the neck and shoulders) with 7 levels of protrusion, extracting deep seated aches from hard-to-reach areas.

If you spend long hours sitting in front of the computer, then the Shoulders Delight program will be music to your ears (or shoulders). The program is specially designed for quick relief from aches and tension on neck and shoulders as it devotes 80% of the massage attending to the neck and shoulders and 20% on the lower back, loosening tension and stiffness in those areas.

I tried both programs and let's just say that I thought I had a brand new back after the sessions! The massage chair took a few seconds to detect the contour of my physical build and adapted the massage points to the locations of my neck and shoulders. I loved how the massage movements worked on my troubled spots, providing a firm trigger point massage action on them and undoing all the knots and tension in the process.

Oh, and can I add how much I adored the chic and streamline design of the OSIM uMagic too? Surprisingly, a massage chair of this capability does not have the size of a hippopotamus and together with its alluring colours and elegant finishing, it definitely will feel at ease in even the most compact of homes.

Other than boasting a cleverly designed foot massager that can be extended to fit every person's unique height, the OSIM uMagic also comes with warm air therapy on the back which serves to boost relaxation and amplifies the effects of a full body massage. And did I mention the latest massage programs can be downloaded into the massage chair via a Bluetooth connection from your smartphone? Now that is truly massage magic!

I think I can get used to vegetating on the OSIM uMagic after work, and having all the tension slowly massaged out of my knotted neck and shoulder muscles. Multiple times. Every. Single. Day.

Now that would make parenting a tad less exhausting, no?

But don't take my word for it. Try out the amazing hand-grip massage for yourself at OSIM stores today, or visit OSIM's website for more information.

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