Apr 13, 2015

It's Cheaper (or even FREE) to go to Science Centre Singapore Now!

It has been a while since we last paid Science Centre a visit so when we finally did over the weekend, we had a lovely surprise - Admission fees to the Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP have been drastically reduced since 1 April!

And when I say drastically reduced, I am not kidding. In fact, if you are able to go during weekdays, the admission fees have been slashed by 100%... which means it is now FREE to enter the Science Centre!

Yes, how awesome is that? 

Admission for Singaporeans & PRs to the Science Centre during weekdays (except public & school holidays) is absolutely free. During peak periods (weekends, public & school holidays), kids and senior citizens pay $4 (Old rate: $6) while adults pay $6 (Old rate: $10). 

Admission fees to KidsSTOP have also been reduced by at least 50 per cent - Singaporeans and PRs now pay $5 for kids (Old rate: $20) and $2 for adults (Old rate: $10) on weekdays (except public & school holidays) and $10 for kids (Old rate: $23) and $5 for adults (Old rate: $13) on weekends, public & school holidays.

We would have paid a total of $24 for the five of us, for a weekend day of fun at the Science Centre... which is pretty affordable actually.

But luckily, we discovered that it is MORE value for money to sign up for the Science Centre's annual membership which will give us unlimited entries for one whole year. And the total cost of membership? $30 for the whole family. Super worth it!

On top of that, did you know that the membership also comes with FREE admission to more than 290 science museums worldwide such as Petrosains (Kuala Lumpur) and California Science Center (Los Angeles)?

So if your kids love two or more trips to the Science Centre, then an annual membership is the way to go. Now you know where we will be spending most of our weekends then.

P.S. Parents, do remember to bring along your NRIC as proof of citizenship. I've checked with the staff and there is no need to bring along the kids' Birth Certificates as long as the parents have identification. Hope it helps! :)

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