Apr 11, 2015

Moo Moo Mookata: Off-the-beaten Track Mookata Delight

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Remember the war-themed eatery - 1942 Alfresco @ Changi - we visited a year ago? The monkies loved it but sadly, it has since closed down. But in its place, a new eatery has been born and if you are a huge fan of Thai-style mookata, you are in luck!

Obviously, the one thing that has not changed is its location. Situated at one of the most ulu, or remote, locations in Singapore, the al fresco Moo Moo Mookata is diagonally opposite Selarang Camp and at the tail end of Cosford Road.

But the journey to the east will be well worth your time, considering one can enjoy the a sumptuous meal in a private spacious tentage.

Mookata is essentially a BBQ grill surrounded by a steamboat moat. Moo means pork in Thai while kata is skillet, and consists of a dome-shaped grill with a soup trough that is placed over traditional charcoal fire for a more rustic experience.

One thing I like about using charcoal is that the heat is consistently high. There is no need to adjust the temperature constantly, as opposed to using a gas or induction stove.

Okay, so this would mark the first time that we will be trying mookata. So you can probably guess that the monkies were getting impatient with my incessant photo-taking!

Moo Moo Mookata offers 2 kind of set menus: $39.90 for 2 persons and $79.90 for 4 persons. Each set comes with a variety of meat such as chicken thigh, pork collar and pork belly, seafood and vegetables. There are ala-carte items available for order as well, which range between $3.90 and $10.90 per plate.

Instead of the traditional oil or butter used in BBQ grills, mookata uses pork lard to grease the dome-shaped grill.

And as the ingredients are cooked on the domed grill, the marinade and juices roll off into the steamboat, flavouring the soup. Yes, it is pure awesomeness stuff.

I think we got a new fan in Ale.

For the wifey and me though, the clear winner is the flavourful soup. We love the soup's lightness but yet savoury punch, with a tinge of lemongrass. The pleasant soup base is especially important as it should not taste so heavy as to fight for attention with the ingredients.

Of course, dining under the stars amid romantic fairy lightings was quite the experience in itself. Definitely a mookata ambience like no other!

And while the wifey and me continue gorging away, the monkies were able to entertain themselves courtesy of the dartboard and pool table.

And when they were done playing, they came back for more helpings!

I think it is safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our first mookata experience then. The place was well-ventilated with huge fans (so that we did not end up smelling like barbecued pork), ambience was lovely, ingredients fresh, soup savoury and most important of all, the kids were free to make as much noise as they want since we were dining in the outdoors!

Useful Information

Moo Moo Mookata
No.30 Cosford Road, Singapore 499550
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/moomoomookata
Contact: 91900890

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