Apr 9, 2015

The Closest You'll Get To Authentic Teapot-Brewed Tea


If you are an avid green tea lover like me, it is impossible that you will not have heard of Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea.

Part of the Heaven and Earth range, Ayataka is a ready-to-drink Japanese Green Tea, which has been brewed using carefully selected tea leaves, contains no preservatives and is sugar free and calorie free. And it is pretty fragrant too!

And speaking of precious tea, the best thing about Ayataka tea is the way it is made with powdered matcha which explains the cloudiness that can be seen when the bottle is swirled or when the tea is poured into a cup.

The unique blend of natural ingredients in Ayataka creates the distinct cloudiness that is characteristic of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea.

Most importantly though, how was the taste test?

Since I am a fan of green tea, no prizes for guessing what I think of Ayataka then. The real test though, came in the form of the monkies - who were game enough to try even after I had told them it is unsweetened.

To put it simply, the monkies could not get enough of it!

Even Ale loved the taste.

To me, I feel that the first sip is on the slightly bitter end, but rapidly morphs into a soft velvet sweetness after-taste. Overall, it is a fresh and revitalizing tea with a full character making it to be the perfect companion whenever my buddies and I gather for a steamboat session. Especially when the Ayataka tea is served chilled!

It seems that even the maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha) in Japan are in approval of its taste. In a 2013 taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan, 100 maiko and geiko chose Ayataka amongst other leading Japanese green tea brands in Singapore as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea!

And here’s some great news - you can win a 5D/4N trip to Japan for you and a partner thanks to Ayataka! Simply show how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka through a photo and you may just snag the grand prize of a trip to Japan! There are also $100 Yoshinoya vouchers to be won each week. Read more about the contest here: http://www.cokeurl.com/ayatakateapot

This is my entry depicting that Ayataka green tea is good to the very last drop.

Ayd was the creative director behind the shot by the way, and he was the one who snapped it as well. All I have to do now is the following:

1. Follow Heaven and Earth's Facebook Fan page HERE.

2. Share a photo of how one best enjoys the authentic #ayatakateapot taste on either Instagram, Twitter or in the comments section of the contest post on Facebook.

3. Hashtag #ayatakateapot and tag a friend. Do remember to set your account to 'public' so that your photo can be seen by the judges!

*Terms and Conditions apply: http://on.fb.me/1BGnFcr

The contest ends on 25 April 2015 so be sure to snap that photo quick! Because where else can you get the chance to go to Japan for FREE just by drinking Ayataka green tea - and the closest one will ever get to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea at that.

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