Apr 8, 2015

Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey: Universal Studios Singapore's Newest Ride OPENS!

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There is one more reason to bring your kids to Universal Studios Singapore - a brand new ride was launched today, headlining the theme park's fifth anniversary celebrations!

Puss In Boots' Giant Journey is the world's first suspended roller coaster themed after the franchise and can be found at the end of Romeo Drive, at the Far Far Away themed zone.

The 2-minute ride covers a track length of 0.5km and features 12 scenes, telling an original tale. The minimum height to ride is 100cm, and is 122cm to ride unaccompanied.

Thrill-seekers begin their adventure in the ruins of Giant's castle, which comes entwined within a giant beanstalk. Within the castle also marks the start of the queue system, which is pretty bright and airy.

Keep your eyes peeled for the larger than life items, which might just keep the kids occupied should the queue be a tad long.

But nothing will be able to contain the excitement of the kids once the Flying Machines come in to full view.

Each Flying Machine can seat 9 guests (3 rows of 3), and comes with a unique name. There are a total of 7 Flying Machines in operation.

And so, off to my maiden anti-gravity swashbuckling flight with Puss In Boots!

Along the ride, guests will come face to face with 23 animatronics characters while they go in search of the legendary golden eggs. One key feature of the ride is the spiralling lift that is hidden within the castle, which also serves as a prelude to the 4 zones where one will experience exciting dips - hence the anti-gravity sensation.

Personally, I found it a little mild but that probably means the ride will appeal a lot to kids.

Kids who find the Dragon roller coaster at Enchanted Airways or the Canopy Flyer at The Lost World terrifying might just find the Puss In Boot's Giant Journey easier to stomach.

TIP: If you want to experience the full brunt of G-force, take the last row of the Flying Machine. To get a great view while 'flying' within the Giant's castle, gun for the first row.

No matter which row, I think the boys will be clamouring to experience the newest ride in USS for their own!

Useful Information

Puss In Boot's Giant Journey
Far Far Away zone, Universal Studios Singapore
Minimum Height: 100cm, or 122cm to ride unaccompanied.

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