Apr 28, 2015

Who is the Hero in your Life?


A hero to me is someone who I look up to, and someone who sets an example for me. 

My hero is a woman who has known me since the day I was born. She has taken care of me and my sister for our entire lives and helps me out with no questions asked. I doubt my hero will ever be beaten in the hero category, who is better known as my Mum.

My Mum was born into a working class family with five other siblings. Her life growing up was not exactly smooth-sailing as she had to join the workforce so that her siblings would be able to afford to go to school. She eventually met my Dad, and quit her job to take care of us when my younger sister was born.

All these years, she had given her time to my sister and me. She tended to us when we were sick, accompanied us to school, cooked meals, and revised our school work with us.  She made financial sacrifices, too. She scrimped on new clothes so that we could wear new clothes, saved money so that we could have more for our our weekly allowance, and made sure we would never go hungry.

She has always been there for my sister and me, and always tried to provide the best for us even in hard times. She was there when I needed emotional support, comforted me and believed in me. 

Now, she has become the exact same caring figure to my children, her grandchildren. She takes care of Ash, Ayd & Ale so well that the wifey and I are able to go off to work everyday without any worries. There is a saying, "The only thing better than having her as a mum is that my children have her for a grandmother". 

My Mum stands for everything I look for in a hero. She always puts us first in her life, and I know she will continue to do so for the rest of her life. I will never be able to repay her for the things that she has given to me and the things that she has done for me. I can only aspire to be this big of a hero for my own kids.

Do you have a hero in your life as well?

I believe everyone of us has a hero that we look up to. There are always great people who live amongst us doing amazing things that often do not get the recognition they deserve. Simply because for what they have contributed into our lives, they have asked for nothing in return - just like my Mum.

So as we celebrate Singapore's golden Jubilee Year, FairPrice - an iconic homegrown brand that all of us should be familiar with - is rolling out a special 'For the Heroes in our Lives' campaign to turn the spotlight on the heroes in our lives, and thank these very people who have helped make our present a reality. 

It is so easy to get started: simply pick someone who is a hero in your life or community, and share your story via FairPrice's website HERE

The site is ridiculously easy to navigate and use. Simply fill in the your details, dedication and a photo of your hero and it is done - it's a piece of cake!

Oh wait... speaking of a piece of cake, contributors have the option in dedicating a customised virtual slice of cake to their heroes via social media or email for each story that is shared. And this was where the monkies got really involved as they had a field day picking the flavour, frosting and topping of the cake for their Mummy!

As you can see, the end result was a very fruity one!

Every hero story collected from the side - along with each slice of cake - will eventually go towards 'baking' a huge virtual cake hosted online, so that anyone visiting the website will be able to navigate the virtual cake and read about the nominated everyday heroes of Singaporeans.

The collation of the heroes in our lives is not only for the tech savvy though. If you know of anyone who is interested to share their stories but do not know how to submit via online, let them know that there will be outdoor interviews as well as a radio dial-in to source for contributions.

For the latter, contributors will be able to call in to a toll-free line at 1800-888-0808 where they will be able to choose 1 of 4 languages (English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil) after which a recording of the DJ in the respective languages will greet them.

For me, I have thanked my Mum for everything she has done for me all these years. Yes, including imparting her disdain for ants to me. So join me in contributing your stories about the special heroes that made a difference in your lives via thatsmyfairprice.com.sg

Because we all love reading about stories of people who are making the world a better place and chances are, if you are inspired by your hero, others will be too.

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