Aug 24, 2015

Themed Rooms at D’Resort @ Downtown East to Please Every Kid!

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Remember the good old days of BBQ gatherings with family and friends at the old Costa Sands Resort, Downtown East? Well, get ready to pack those bags (and food) because those days are back with the opening of the new D'Resort @ Downtown East!

And quite frankly, there are tons of reasons for families to get excited about this new resort - especially since it comes with a themed resort room like this!

Okay, I promise I will get to the themed rooms in a bit. Because firstly, you have to know that D'resort is situated on the old Escape Theme Park area and is Singapore’s first nature-inspired resort with an integrated waterpark experience.

At first glance, the resort boasts a sleek new look and does not feel as claustrophobic compared to the old Costa Sands Resort.

The nature-inspired theme is evident in its spacious resort lobby, with rainforest-styled architecture featuring flourishes of dark woods and natural tones.

The resort comprises of 387 rooms divided into nine room types and spread over two blocks: Resort and Chalet Blocks. Depending on one's budget and stay occasions, D'Resort has a room whether you are looking to host a BBQ party, enjoy the views of beach or prefer to have a quiet time away from the crowds.

The resort block features 117 Rainforest rooms, including 12 themed rooms and two suites, and are suited for more private vacationers who are looking for solace as the rooms are located away from the key activity areas.

If you require BBQ access, go for the chalet block which consists of 270 rooms with four room types: the Beach Cove, Beach Cove Duplex (2-storey), Mangrove Walk and the exclusive-to-NTUC-members-only Park View.

I think the 2-storey Beach Cove Duplex will be a hit for large gatherings, since it comes with a living area, kitchenette, a King-sized bed plus a sofa bed, and a patio! The BBQ areas also look more spacious to cater for bigger gatherings.

For the monkies though, nothing was comparable to setting their sight on our Rainforest Family themed room for the first time... which had them jumping around like, well, monkies.

D’Resort has a total of 12 such themed family rooms available. Besides the six Amazonian Jungle ones, five are underwater-themed and one is M&M-themed.

Photo courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia
Photo courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia
So cute, no?

Each family room comes with a queen-sized bed and a colourful bunk bed.

But I think it is safe to say that the monkies were extremely contented with their jungle-themed room.

Actually, me too since the room was clearly done up with families with young kids in mind - from the extra stool in the bathroom so that younger kids can reach the sink, to the cutlery provided for the little ones.

Oh, and parents are not forgotten too with the dash of caffeine in the room for that extra bit of oomph to keep up with the kids' antics!

Also, kids will be able to go on a treasure hunt in the room and hunt for clues so as to unlock a specially prepared treasure box filled of goodies.

Yes, it is similar to the treasure chests found in the rooms at LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel. The monkies had to count the number of three types of animals in the room in order to unlock the 3-number combination lock. And they got to keep whatever was in the treasure box if they successfully cracked the code!

Looks like the room is a hit with the monkies (and me) then!

If you are planning on a stay at D'Resort, here are a few pointers to note:

- Room rates at D’Resort vary depending on the dates and how early they are booked - much like budget airline tickets. One can book rooms at early bird rates up to six months in advance.

- Park View rooms, exclusive to NTUC members, start from $118. Rainforest Family rooms start from $150.

- Entry fee is no longer required for non-guests of the resort.

- NTUC Members enjoy a host of privileges at D'Resort, including Unlimited Access into Wild Wild Wet during stay, Discounted BBQ Pit booking and Discounted car park rates.

- The Resort Block rooms do NOT allow the booking of BBQ pits. So if you wish to have a BBQ party, go for the Chalet Block rooms instead.

- The opening of D'Resort marks the completion of Phase One in the 5-year Refreshing Downtown East redevelopment project with the bulk of dining, retail and entertainment offerings to come in Phase Two (end 2017). Currently, there is only one eatery and one convenience store in the resort. Other food options can be found at Downtown East.

- There is still quite the amount of construction going on, as the current Wild Wild Wet water park will be double in size and expanded to be in the CENTRE of the resort (targeted for completion in the second half of 2016) so the walking distance from the resort to Downtown East is slightly longer than before.

But whether you are looking to continue that Chalet BBQ tradition with your relatives and friends, or to settle down for the night in a jungle-themed or underwater-themed room with the kids, the new D’Resort @ Downtown East will be it.

For more information and to book, visit Stay updated with promotions and offers at its Facebook page.

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Susan said...

That M&M room is so darn cute! I thought WWW was closed for their major renovation, but guess I was wrong :P

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Susan,

WWW is expanding, so the existing part is still in operation as the other half is under construction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Author! You looked like you you've had a lot of fun! But anyways, I have 2 questions in mind to ask you :D

How many WWW tickets are given to each room?(I booked as NTUC Member for the Beach Cove Duplex)

How does Beach cove Duplex actually look like?

Cheekiemonkies said...


I think the number of tickets given out will be equal to the capacity of the room. So it should be 4 for a Beach Cove Duplex. It's better to check with the reception though.

I did not get a chance to see the interior of the Duplex but I do know it is a 2-storey room.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

How did u fit 3 kids in the beds?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Dolly,

The boys took the bunk bed while the girl shared the same bed with the wife and me.

Anonymous said...

I like the M&M theme most! When my son this theme, he instantly asked if he could go there to sleep!

Unknown said...

Woohoo! My Girls will love the safari theme! They love animals!

xuan said...

Underwater themed our fav!

Jeis Jeis said...

I love to eat M&M and definitely the M&M themed room is my favourite.

Ling said...

I love M&M-themed room :) its sooooo cute!! My daughters will b very thrilled if they can stay at this fantastic and lovely room. Thanks so much for this giveaway !!

nutcase said...

My kids love everything about underwater world, so M&M is for us!

Anonymous said...

M&M please... my whole family love M&M💛💛

Anonymous said...

Underwater is our favorite
Yokie Choy

wendy lee said...

Underwater themed our favourite...

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