Sep 15, 2015

Whip Up a Meal in less than 30 Minutes with Yamie Rice


When it comes to whipping up meals for the family, one-dish meals are the best - and fantastic time-savers too! Yes, it sounds lazy but let's face it, there are so many things to do and complete every single day that sometimes all the wifey and I want is a simple and quick way to settle the family's meals at home during the weekends.

And what better way to fix a fuss-free meal for the family than just 3 simple steps - add rice; add water; and it's ready to cook!

With Yamie Rice, it is that easy. A product of homegrown integrated rice company, Gan Hup Lee (1999) Pte Ltd, Yamie Ready-to-Cook Premix Rice consists of Thai Jasmine rice blended with many flavourful ingredients to give it an authentic taste. The range comes in 7 truly delectable flavours, Claypot Rice; Chicken Rice; Yam Rice; Nasi Briyani; Sambal Rice; Black Pepper Rice and Chicken Flavoured Porridge.

But the 'magic' of the package lies in its preparation, simply because it is so simple that even the monkies can do it! And even though the rice is ready-to-cook, the products contain wholesome ingredients and does not compromise on taste.

Hang on, it does not compromise on taste??? This, I got to give it a test... in a COOK-OFF with other bloggers, no less!

Together with Maureen of Miss Tam Chiak, Phoebe of The Food Chapter and Limaran, we took up the challenge of cooking a dish each using Yamie Rice and pitting our creations against one another.

The premise was simple: we each picked a mystery box and had to whip up a dish based on the flavour of Yamie Rice we had picked in less than 30 minutes.

I picked Chicken Rice, which was exactly what I wanted actually considering it is one of the monkies' fave dishes. Maureen got Sambal Rice, Limaran had Claypot Rice while Phoebe landed Nasi Bryani. And with that, the cook-off was ON!

The convenient thing about Yamie Rice is each box comes with a pouch of rice which has already been coated with special flavour. So yes, please DO NOT wash the rice no matter what you do!

Depending on the type of rice flavour, some come with an additional pack of condiments - Sambal Rice has ikan bilis while Claypot Rice has mushrooms.

So frankly, everything was so simple that I was practically wearing a smile on my face throughout the cooking session!

The cooking of the rice was truly a no-brainer. I just had to dump the uncooked rice into the rice cooker, add in the appropriate amount of water and leave it to cook. After 15 minutes, it was ready and all I had to do was to leave the rice be at the 'Keep Warm' setting for another 10-15 minutes... which gave me more than enough time to prepare the chicken.

And just like that, my chicken rice was done!

Okay okay, I know my food presentation skills leave a lot to be desired. There's a reason why I am not a food blogger, no? LOL. But that was where Miss Tam Chiak came in. Thanks to her imparting a few tips, my chicken rice dish looks SO MUCH better!

Maureen's sambal rice did not look too shabby as well. She even added prawns and petai to the rice!

Phoebe had an interesting twist to her Nasi Bryani dish, with luncheon meat and paprika-flavoured almonds as sides.

Limaran's claypot rice dish exemplifies the simplicity of cooking with Yamie Rice: Marinate the meat, put it together with the uncooked rice and voila! A one-dish meal in less than 30 minutes.

But how did each dish fare when it came to the all-important taste test?

I must admit that prior to the cook-off, I was sceptical about the taste because how authentic can pre-mix rice be? But those first few mouthfuls changed my perspective. The rice actually tasted like the real deal, especially the chicken rice and claypot rice.

Which leaves the question - who emerged victorious in the cook-off? The answer lies in the video below. :)

One thing's for sure though, the chicken rice dish was so convenient to cook that I just had to do it all over again at home.

The claypot rice was a hit with the monkies too!

And in case you are wondering, the rice are Halal certified, without any preservatives, artificial colourings, trans-fat and, best of all, no added MSG.

Oh, and I have to give a special mention to Yamie's Chicken Flavoured Porridge too which came in rather handy one Sunday morning when the monkies demanded decided that they wished to have something savoury - instead of the usual jam and bread - for a change.

As you would have probably guessed, cooking it was a breeze and before I knew it, a pot of piping hot porridge was ready!

And along with it, came happy faces and satisfied bellies!

Personally, I feel this is a fantastic option for people who dread the hassle of preparing everything from scratch just to prepare a meal. Yamie rice cooks in 3 simple steps of adding water to the rice, cooking and serving, so what is there not to like? In fact, I am already thinking of bringing some of the packs along during our next overseas trip... just in case we miss the taste of Singapore food!

My Favourite Blogger Cook Off Recipe Voting Contest

Fancy winning a $30 Hans Cafe dining voucher? There are TEN up for grabs! All you have to do is the following:

Which of the 4 bloggers' cook off recipe did you like best? Vote for your favourite dish HERE by filling in your personal details and choice. Submit your entry latest by 15 October 2015, 12pm.

• Lucky winners will be drawn from the pool of the voters of the blogger cook off recipe with the highest votes.

• Total 10 winners will walk away with a $30 Hans Cafe dining voucher.

• Winners list will be announced on 16 October 2015 at Yamie Rice's Facebook Page. So give it a follow to get the latest updates of promotions & Facebook campaigns.

• Winners will be contacted via phone call and the dining vouchers will be mailed out to the winners.

• Lucky draw result is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

• Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

• Yamie reserve the right to amend and add in any terms and conditions without prior notice.

Yamie Ready-to-Cook Premix Rice is available at major supermarkets including Fairprice Xtra; Fairprice Finest; Selected Fairprice Supermarkets; Giant Hypermarts and selected Sheng Siong supermarkets.

For more details and recipes, visit or like Yamie Rice's Facebook page to stay updated on promotions!

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