Oct 30, 2015

Five Years of Cuddles & Snuggles but the Love of a Lifetime

Dear Ale,

You just turned five.

I am more than ready head to the streets, hold up placards and begin chanting my protest at how fast you are growing up because I remember not too long ago on this very same day when I had held your whole body in one hand while caressing your head with the other. A gentle brush on your cheek and you would turn your head towards me, mistaking my finger for a nipple, with your angelic face making everyone around you to fall instantly in love with you.

Less than two years later and you would be toddling across the house, and exerting your opinion - sometimes all too obstinate - on almost everything. But even with your new-found independence, there are instances where I am reminded that you are still my little girl.

Like last night while you were given a late night TV treat after your brothers had gone off to bed. You were seated on the sofa while I was on the living room floor doing work on my laptop. Suddenly, you let out a small scream and when I looked up, you mumbled that you were afraid of the Giant in the... erm, wait for it... Dora (!!!) cartoon.

You then promptly scooted down to the floor and found a comfortable spot within my arms. And as we snuggled on the floor together, watching Dora, I was contented. I hope someday you will realise how much this means to your Dad and why you will always be my little Diva.

The way you love your two brothers also makes my heart melt in a totally amazing kind of way. You idolise both of them, want to be included in their play time and always think of them. Even when I asked what you wanted to eat as a birthday treat, you requested for the two types of food that your brothers each love!

Oh and one more thing, when I say 'No' to you, I really want to say 'Yes' most of the time. It breaks my heart to know that I am breaking yours, but my job as your Dad is to do what I feel is best for you. I may act all cool and even nonchalant when you fall down or hurt yourself, but deep inside I am going through an uncontrollable amount of emotional wreckage.

There are no words to describe how proud I am of you and everything you have done and will continue to accomplish. Another year older you may be and even though it pains me to know that you will not be needing me as much as you grow older, I will never stop being there for you.

Before I became a Dad, I had no idea that I would be capable of loving anyone so deeply other than your Mum, but you and your brothers prove it more with each passing day.

Happy 5th Birthday, my precious princess. Here’s to many more!

Loving you always,


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