Oct 31, 2015

Letter to Ale, from Mummy

My dear Ale,

Just like a whisk of a magician's wand, you have turned 5!

Maybe it's because you are our last baby, Papa and me feel your growing up so acutely, more so than during your brothers' time. For them, every milestone is filled with excitement, but for you, we wish that you would grow up much slower and remain our little princess for as long as possible.

I still remember not believing my good luck when I was told that you were a girl.

Until the time you were out, I kept telling Papa that I would only really believe it when you were out. And my first question to him when I heard your cries was "confirm girl?" because it was so feisty like a baby boy's cries.

You are everything I wanted my daughter to be and more. 

Thanks for being my little protector - making sure that my pillows are in place ready for bed every night and chiding your brothers if they mess it up during their pillow fights. Chiding your Papa for tickling me because "Mummy doesn't like tickles". Teaching Mummy how to 'control' so that I can overcome my fear of tickles, as you put it, "switch on your non-tickles switch Mummy". Taking out my specs when I fall asleep with it. Accompanying me and sleeping on the sofa when Mummy has to work late.

I've also seen how much you love our little family. 

You decided to eat sardines and noodles as your birthday treat because those are your 2 Korkors favourite food. Taking very good care of your 3 little cousins because you are their big jiejie. Waiting out for Kongkong and holding his hands when we are out. Lying in bed with Papa till he sleeps because he said you never hug him. Indeed you have grown much this year, little one.

Mei, Mummy and Papa promise to always be there for you, just like you have been for us.

Happy 5th Birthday and like your Chinese name suggests, may you have all the joys that the universe can offer.



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Susan said...

What a touching letter from mummy to Ale. Happy birthday sweetie!

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