Nov 23, 2015

Ale's Special Birthday Celebration with Hello Kitty + GIVEAWAY

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It has been quite a while since we last paid SANRIO Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club at Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru a visit. Since early 2013 actually, and a few things have changed.

Other than for the obvious fact that the monkies have grown older, Hello Kitty Town has a new attraction - HELLO KITTY IN OZ where visitors get to experience a fairytale adventure with Hello Kitty and friends through a tale of bravery and friendship. Also, The Little Big Club has re-branded into Thomas Town (Level 3) while Level 2 has become the venue to meet characters such as Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and Pingu

But essentially, all of the indoor theme park's attractions remain the same so my past reviews on Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club remains relevant.

What is also still relevant is the boys' love for the bumper cars. So while the other younger kids were off to explore the entire 3 floors of the theme park, the older kids went bumping each other in diesel engines and troublesome trucks - for MORE than 20 times.

And that's a conservative estimate I think.

But the REAL reason is us visiting Hello Kitty Town once again was Ale or rather her birthday. Hello Kitty Town had kindly offered to throw a surprise birthday party for her last month but since her older brothers had to contend with school exams, we had to postpone it until mid-November.

So when the time arrived, we together with our guests were ushered into Hello Kitty's House for the birthday party.

Ale was actually kept in the dark about the birthday party. All she knew was she was going to Hello Kitty Town with her cousins and buddies so I guess she got a surprise when the doors to Hello Kitty's House were flung open.

I think some of the kiddos were surprised too.

An even greater surprise awaited though.

Hello Kitty in da house! Literally.

Can you tell Ale was pleasantly overwhelmed?

Ale was given a Birthday Badge, which guaranteed her special status and loads of congratulatory wishes from the staff throughout the theme park.

Of course, the main advantage of having your very own mascot appearance at the birthday party meant that everyone had the chance to take family/group/individual photos with Hello Kitty... while the birthday girl revelled in the celebrations.

Well, it would be criminal if we didn't snag a family photo with Hello Kitty as well, no?

The birthday celebrations lasted for about 30 minutes but the fun continued way after that.

See what I mean? LOL.

I'm glad that even the boys enjoyed themselves then.

 If you are thinking of throwing a birthday celebration for your Hello Kitty mad child - or adult friend - here are more details on the package:

 - One Character appearance. Choose one from the following characters – Hello Kitty / Baby Bob / BJ / Angelina Ballerina / Bob the Builder / Pingu. Package price is RM500.

 - Character Appearance will be for 15 minutes.

 - Package includes a birthday song sing-a-long, birthday decorations, a 'Happy Birthday' banner and a complimentary Birthday Kid badge for the celebrant.

 - No admission tickets are included in the package but entry tickets for an ALL-PARK PASS can be purchased at RM82 per person (same price for adult and child). Regular admission price is RM117 per ticket.

 - No minimum number of persons required for the Birthday Party package.

 - For enquiry and/or booking of birthday packages, please email

- Website:


A HUGE congratulations to the 2 winners! You have each won 4 all-Park passes to Sanrio Hellp Kitty Town and Thomas Town!

1. Jennifer Png
2. Christy Lee

Please email me at ASAP with your mailing address as the tickets are valid until 31 Dec 2015. Thanks!

TWO lucky winners will each win FOUR All-Park Passes (worth RM468 per set) to give away! Tickets are valid for either adult or child entry, and expire on 31 December 2015.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

 - Leave a comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE on why you will love to visit the theme park with your kids.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 26 November 2015, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope to win as a birthday gift surprise for my daughter coming 9th year old birthday
She would definitely b overjoyed if I win

Thanks for organizing this fabulous and awesome giveaway

Liked & shared post

Facebook Name: Jazlinlin Jaz

Unknown said...

My girls are big fans of Hello Kitty! Hope to win this and surprise them too!

Kong meifong said...

We are planning to go in Dec . Hope I can win the tickets so I can spend more at their retail shops ! Am a super Help kitty Fan !

Jolin said...

My boys love Thomas and we have not been to the Park yet. Hope to win this for a family trip during this holiday.

[S]H|n[O]~21 said...

It has been long time since me and my hubby travel outside singapore after I gave birth to my two daughters. Always been so busy taking care my two kids and dun have spare time to plan for a holiday trip. Hope to win this tickets so that I can bring my two lovely girls together with my hubby to Hello kitty land as a family trip for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Hope to win it. Bring my daughter to there
My daughter is big fan of hello kitty
Facebook Patrick poon

far said...

I wanna win so the kids have somewhere fun to go this December since we will notify be going anywhere for the holidays!

Shared on fb. Farhana A Rahim

Unknown said...

Wanna win the tickets for my daughter before she attends primary 1 next year.

Fb: babystarlet80

Jingxian said...

This will make a great birthday gift for my boy as the last time we visit the park, he was only 5 months old. Time to bring hin and have fun with his all time favourite thomas, bob and Barney.

Unknown said...

Hope to go there this school holiday for my kids. They both like Hello Kitty and Thomas. It will be a memorable day for them.

Andy Neo said...

My nieces haven't been to kitty land before and this is just the ideal chance for me to earn more brownie points with the kiddies!!!

Facebook ID: Andy Neo

Sally Quek said...

Me and my gal are super Hello Kitty Fans! And I need a vacation to chase away my post natal Blues. Hello kitty Land will surely make us happy!

summerjet said...

It would be very special for my boys to win it. My elder boy enjoyed the place very much when he was there years ago. Hope to have a chance to win this!

tanmcjanette said...

My girl would be delighted to go but I am hoping to win the passes for my sister and her two precious princesses. It is unfortunate that the poor children have lost their father but we are doing our best to make up that by filling their childhood with our love and fond memories and being a young mother, my sister is still very much a child herself and she is a huge Hello Kitty fan so I am sure that she would enjoy the fun as much as the two girls do.

Thanks for the giveaway and wishing your family a blessed Christmas in advance :)


Casy Ang said...

Hi Cheekiemonkies <3

I'll love to visit the theme park with my nieces because we all love Hello Kiity alots and I'm Hello Kitty hardcore fans too. The activities look fun and exciting. It'd be a great experience for us.

Done Liked, Shared & Participated.

FB: Casy Ang

#like #share #win #giveaway #contest #cheekiemonkies #ThomasTownPuteriHarbour #SanrioHelloKittyTown

Mum's calling said...

It's the holiday season, and there's no better place to be in, other than theme parks! Would love my kids to play hard before the school load comes on next year.

Anonymous said...

I love hello kiity
Fb Julie tan

Anonymous said...

My kids are fans of hello kitty! Hope to win and bring them there!

Chengling Tan

sallywong said...

Hi,I hope to win this fantastic giveaway to my kids they will huge fans of Hello Kitty and Thomas, wish can give themsurprise.tks!😘😘😘

liked and followed

Unknown said...

I will like to win this to surprise my daughter who is so crazy on Hello Kitty! It'll be a dream come true for her!

FB : Katherine Heng

Mabel said...

Am planning to bring my sons to The Little Big Club this December, definitely love to hop over to #SanrioHelloKittyTown as I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty ! Please bring smiles! :)

FB: Mabel Mabel

Anonymous said...

Hope to win as a reward surprise for my gals who had worked hard for their studies for the year!
They would definitely b overjoyed if I win

Thanks for organizing this fabulous and awesome giveaway

Liked & shared post

Facebook Name: PP Lim

Anonymous said...

Hoping to win this as my daughter is a BIG fan of Hello Kitty and Barney. She'll b thrilled to see all the life sized mascots in front of her! :)

GarageSale said...


I have no kids but this is part of my childhood. I do hope that I am still eligible for this giveaway for the symbolic child in me really really hopes to go :)

Thank you! (Shared blog post on FB)

silent_spirit said...

We are expecting a third child who is coming in February. It hasn't been an easy pregnancy and I would like to bring my two children aged 2 and 4 to reward them for being lovely helpers to us and to encourage them to continue to be loving siblings. It would also be a wonderful family trip for all of us to reconnect again before the baby arrives.


Little Nel Shop said...

My 3 kids really love Hello Kitty! Yes, this includes my son! My girls' birthdays are in Nov and Dec. It would be an excellent birthday present if they can celebrate with their favourite character!

Anonymous said...

We are HUGE fans of Hello Kitty and there are many exciting activities to do there ! Thanks very much and have a nice day ! 😉😊😀 *keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard* Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil

Jackie said...

Love the photos; the giant Hell Kitty costumes are adorable.

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